FREE Anonymous Phone Numbers For “online safety” or just plain naughtyness!!

21 12 2006

Craigsnumber:: Auto expiring. FREE anonymous phone numbers for online safety.

I first saw this on life hacker and they splain tings whey bettar:

Web site Craigsnumber lets you generate a free, automatically expiring phone number.

To use Craigsnumber, you just need to fill out a form telling the site how long you want to use the number before it expires (minimum 1 hour, max 1 week) and the number to forward the calls to. This is potentially a very useful service, but there are a couple of caveats: 1) Craigsnumber, despite the name, does not appear to be affiliated in any way with Craigslist. I’m assuming the idea behind the name is that you might want to use a Craigsnumber when posting on Craigslist. 2) Craigsnumber has no real terms of service explaining what they do with your number, so beware – nobody wants spam phone calls.

If you’re looking for something a bit more permanent that still allows for advanced call screening, check out GrandCentral.

Just an FYI for my readers.  Big up to life hacker for this sweet find.



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