How To Get File Access In Expired Windows Trials

14 12 2006

The Tomorrow Times: How to login to an expired Windows

I boil it down.

When you see the login screen and get a big fat error message telling you to activiate the product clcik yes, now minimize that screen (no close). Then hit: Windows Key + U

This opens the Utility manager.  In the utility manager, alittle windows with useless toys like the narrator, onscreen keyboard etc etc.  In the upper right hand of the UtilMan window you will see an icon that looks like a little computer.  Click it.  You’ll get a drop down menu.  Select the last option “About Narrator”.  You will get a new little window that tells you about the narrator, more importantly, that little window has a hyperlink that “Go To Windows Site”.  Click that and you have now opened Ineternet Explorer without havinf to log in.  To gain file access just put file paths in the URL bar.

Neat Huh?  Big ups to steve for finding this little nugget of goodness.

I have’t explored just how far into the system you can go, but I will be working on getting into the windows/system32 file and mucking about with the hacking and all.

For the meanwhile, enjoy.



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