US State Department Denied Iran Intelligence From CIA, So they “Googled It” Instead!!! (HA)

11 12 2006

Seeking Iran Intelligence, U.S. Tries Google –

I wonder what their search string was?

When the State Department recently asked the CIA for names of Iranians who could be sanctioned for their involvement in a clandestine nuclear weapons program, the agency refused, citing a large workload and a desire to protect its sources and tradecraft.

Frustrated, the State Department assigned a junior Foreign Service officer to find the names another way — by using Google. Those with the most hits under search terms such as “Iran and nuclear,” three officials said, became targets for international rebuke Friday when a sanctions resolution circulated at the United Nations.

Are you friggin shitting me?  You are using a simple (no advanced search string) google search as a basis for UN sanctions??  This is awesome!!  I am so going to win some lawsuits with this precedent!!

Question: How could one government be so full of stupid as to not leave any for the rest of the world? -or- How did all our village idiots wind up employed in one place.



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