Wii Seeker – Find a Nintendo Wii near home

10 12 2006

Wii Seeker – Find a Nintendo Wii near home

Pretty simple really, its a google mashup that shows where Wii’s (and PS3’s, if you’re really into beta testing) are available near you.

Its pretty kewl.



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12 12 2006
vaerie gillett

where can I find nintendo wii

1 05 2007
Wii Seeker - Find a Nintendo Wii near home-- eGamingLot

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17 11 2007
Craig Donaldson

There will be stock available for the general public to purchase during the first week in Decemeber from – http://www.wiiforchristmas.co.uk.
This company are part of a large distributor in the UK and have managed to secure limited stock and will be taking back orders from Saturday Evening….Be quick as I dont believe the stock will last long.

20 11 2007

my son has gt cancer of the stomach and am tryin to gt a wii for is christmas as it may be his last please can u tell me were to gt one thnx

18 12 2007

You can find a wii in stock at the following site’

19 01 2008

I keep looking for wii’s in a lot of stores and there all sold out could you tell me when are they going to be in stock.

15 06 2012

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