Pirates crack Vista Activation Server!!

8 12 2006

Pirates crack Vista Activation Server | APC Magazine

Pirates have released another ingenious workaround to Vista’s copy protection: a hacked copy of Microsoft’s yet-to-be-released volume licencing activation server, running in VMware.

I am torn by this news, I am not a promoter of piracy, but I hate Micro$oft’s crappy new and improved OS.  I also think its funny cause they were all “This is the most secure version of Windows EVAR!!!”, and now they look all minty and sad.

I’ll post the hack as soon as I can find it.  All I can find is the “Windows All Activation” crack that’s full of trojans.

Happy Friday!!



2 responses

10 12 2006
Aaron Smith

can u send me all the hacks u can get cheers

10 12 2006

To put it simply, no. No offense but if you look around I don’t send hacks to anyone. This blog is WYSIWYG.

I suggest you visit VXChaos server, note the giant link/picture to your right.

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