MTV’s Rob & Big Fans – MEATY CAN SKATE!! (Video)

8 12 2006

For all you “Rob & Big” fans out there, yes I too am a Rob & Big superfan (the show is hilarious), I caught this and thought that it was just friggin awesome.


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2 responses

9 12 2006

looks like meaty remembers those lessons from tyson the skateboarding bulldog

20 12 2006

It looks like Meaty was ready to skate the entire time, he had a bunch of junk in the trunk and it stopped him from getting down. Poor Meaty had some chicken bones and one of Rob’s Dildo Vibrators stuck up his pooper.

Come-On Rob, Meaty is a fast learner, if he see’s you stick a Dildo up your unit he is going to copy you, don’t practice ride’in dirty on LiL Meaty dirty anymore, the poor guy walks like he still has that Dildo & Junk stuck up his pooper shooter.

Meaty OwnZ, don’t turn him into a gay dog, and don’t “fix him”, let him bang some LiL Bully Momma’s and make some Burger Babies. LiL Meaty is gonna make some meatballs.

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