Running out of space? « Answer

6 12 2006

Running out of space? «


The easiest way to eat up space would be to allow video uploads.  Of course you’d have to allow for the embedding of these video’s into our posts to make it worth uploading the video.   You could easily get the sourve for an FLV player and an FLV encoder engine, its just a matter of adding the “wordpress” logo so everyone knows it came from wordpress.  And then there’s the whole copywright thing, but you could just scan a piece of video for any copywright info and then clear it just like Youtube or Google.  You could limit the size or run time of each video to limit bandwidth hogging.

Its either that or RainbowTables!!  Even a rudimentary RainbowTable takes up 10gigs with ease.  RainbowTables are large tables of hashes generated so that your computer doesn’t need to create a new hash to over and over and over again in a brute-force password cracking program.  Although Rainbow Crack is the traditional program to use these tables with, you can now use Cain & Abel as well as Ophcrack with RainbowTables.  After all, you have to store them somewhere.  And I don’t want to take up half my iPod toting around what amounts to 20gigs of text files.

If it were up to me I’d go for the video uploading over RainbowTables, of course pod casts could easily take up that space as well.  But, I’m not really a podcaster, I need to read something over and over again in order to hack it.  However, I see the winner of this contest being the person who suggests podcasts as a way to fill up the storage.  So I suggest that as well.

Hope this wins!!





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