Leaked Rumsfeld Memo Proposed ‘Major Adjustment’ in Iraq May Mean More…

4 12 2006

Rumsfeld Memo Proposed ‘Major Adjustment’ in Iraq – New York Times

The memo provides no indication that Mr. Rumsfeld intended to leave his Pentagon post. It is unclear whether he knew at that point that he was about to be replaced, though the White House has said that Mr. Bush and Mr. Rumsfeld had a number of conversations on the matter.Told that The New York Times had obtained a copy of it, a Pentagon spokesman, Eric Ruff, confirmed its authenticity. “As it became clear that people were considering options for the way forward, the secretary had some views on the subject, and this memo reflects those views,” he said.

At first this may seem innocuous but Steve Young over at the Huffington post thinks a bit more of it:

Is White House Whistleblower Ready to Bring Down the President?

I hope to heaven this is all true and bush will be out way before 2008.  It would make a nice Chrismahanaquanza gift!




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20 01 2007

Your hatred is very ugly. Your judgment before God will be a tousled ordeal.

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