Cracking the BlackBerry with a $100 Key

30 11 2006

Cracking the BlackBerry with a $100 Key [via] slashdot

Hit Reply writes”Eweek is running the contents of a Symantec white paper that details how easy it is for a hacker to manipulate BlackBerry applications. Using a developer key that can be purchased by anyone for $100, an attacker can launch e-mail worms, SMS interception and backdoor attacks, and compromise the integrity of contacts, events and to-do items. The white paper has been yanked from Symantec’s Web site.”

From the article:

“Signed applications can send e-mail and read incoming e-mail. A malicious application could be used to allow third parties to send messages from the infected BlackBerry and also read all received messages. A malicious application could also use e-mail as a command and control channel to receive instructions to send and receive e-mails; send and receive SMS messages; add, delete and modify contacts and PIM data; read dialed phone numbers; initiate phone calls; and open TCP/IP connections.”

Here’s a chinese riddle for ya.  What costs nothing and is easy to find on bittorent?

Thanks Slashdot!!



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