Large Collection Of Hacking Tutorial Videos #4 (Download)

28 11 2006

Hacking Illustrated: Hacking and Computer security videos [via] Irongeek

Irongeek, a great source for all things hacking, has created (as in made these vids himself) a large list of Hacking Tutorial Videos:

Length Size Format Date
Creating a Windows Live CD for System Recovery and Pen-Testing with Bart’s PE Builder var 22.3MB SWF 10/17/2006
Making Windows Trojans with EXE Binders (AKA:Joiners), Splice and IExpress var 6.12MB SWF 09/12/2006
A Collection Of Hacking Videos By Others
Some of the sites that originally hosted them are gone. I’m just putting these up so they are not lost forever.
Hosts File and Ad Blocking var 2.63MB SWF 09/03/2006

Passive OS Fingerprinting With P0f And Ettercap

var 4.52MB SWF 08/16/2006
Cracking MD5 Password Hashes var 4.47MB SWF 08/02/2006
Setting Firefox’s User Agent To Googlebot var 3.69MB SWF 07/31/2006
Using TrueCrypt With NTFS Alternate Data Streams var 3.68MB SWF 07/19/2006
Intro To TrueCrypt var 7.33MB SWF 06/19/2006
Intro To DD and Autopsy By Williamc and Twinvega var 4.24MB SWF 06/05/2006
Intro To Bluesnarfing By Williamc and Twinvega var 7.87MB SWF 05/24/2006
Network Printer Hacking: Irongeek’s Presentation at Notacon 2006 44:03 125MB AVI
Irongeek’s Guide to Buying a Used Laptop 16:37 34MB AVI
Cracking Windows Passwords with BackTrack and the Online Rainbow Tables at var 4.33MB SWF 02/21/2006
Adding Modules to a Slax or Backtrack Live CD from Windows var 4.22MB SWF 02/07/2006
Anonym.OS: LiveCD with build in Tor Onion routing and Privoxy var 3.27MB SWF 01/30/2006
Make your own VMs with hard drive for free: VMware Player + VMX Builder var 1.58MB SWF 01/26/2006
Using VMware Player to run Live CDs (Bootable ISOs) var 4.50MB SWF 01/20/2006
SSH Dynamic Port Forwarding var 2.95MB SWF 01/11/2006
WMF File Code Execution Vulnerability With Metasploit var 3.71MB SWF 01/02/2006
Using VirtualDub and a cheap webcam as a camcorder
I thought this might be of use to those that would like to submit something to Infonomicon TV or Hack TV but lack the cash for a proper MiniDV camcorder.
5:39 10.10MB AVI(XVID) 12/15/2005
Firewalls with Sarah: Campus Computer Security Series Episode 2
Sarah will tell you a bit about Firewalls and walk you though enabling the built-in firewalls that come with Windows XP and Mac OS X.
2:58 9.70MB AVI(XVID) 11/16/2005
Updates and Patches with Anna: Campus Computer Security Series Episode 1
Anna will walk you though updating your Windows XP or Mac OS X computer.
3:06 6.40MB AVI(XVID) 11/16/2005
Infonomicon TV Ep 7: HP printer hacking, building an old school phone handset for your cell phone, collecting data in RF monitor mode and making cat5 cables 24:41 127MB AVI 10/18/2005
Metasploit Flash Tutorial var 3.23MB SWF 10/12/2005
Nmap Video Tutorial 2: Port Scan Boogaloo var 13.3MB SWF 10/06/2005
Finding Rogue SMB File Shares On Your Network var 5.46MB SWF 09/02/2005
WiGLE, JiGLE and Google Earth: Mapping out your wardrive var 7.38MB SWF 08/02/2005
Droop’s Box: Simple Pen-test Using Nmap, Nikto, Bugtraq, Nslookup and Other Tools var 6.55MB SWF 07/17/2005
Quick Tour of Irongeek’s Office and Security Lab var 4.37MB SWF 07/14/2005
Fun with Ettercap Filters: The Movie var 2.43MB SWF 06/16/2005
MAC Bridging with Windows XP and Sniffing (very useful with my Cain/VoIP tutorial below) var 1.44MB SWF 06/15/2005
Sniffing VoIP Using Cain var 1.74MB SWF 05/26/2005
Installing Knoppix 3.8 to Your Hard Drive var 3.75MB SWF 05/25/2005
A Quick and Dirty Intro to Nessus using the Auditor Boot CD var 2.81MB SWF 05/24/2005
Local Password Cracking Presentation for the
Indiana Higher Education Cybersecurity Summit 2005

(It covers cracking the SAM/Syskey, Cached ADS/Domain Credentials, VNC stored passwords and Windows Protected Storage)
var 5.71MB SWF 04/25/2005
Basic Nmap Usage var 8.47MB SWF 03/31/2005
Cracking Syskey and the SAM on Windows Using Samdump2 and John var 2.48MB SWF 03/22/2005
Basic Tools for Wardriving var 2.80MB SWF 09/20/2004
Making The Default XP Interface Look More Like Windows 2000 1:11 1.56MB SWF 09/17/2004
Look for deleted data on the slack space of a disk 1:20 3.40MB SWF 03/31/2004
Recover deleted cookies or other files using Restoration 1:15 2.12MB SWF 03/18/2004
Some of my gear 1:46 2.93MB AVI 03/17/2004
Using NetworkActiv to sniff webpages on a Wi-Fi network 2:00 1.34MB SWF 03/16/2004
Boot from Phlak and run Chkrootkit to detect a compromise 2:25 1.45MB SWF 03/04/2004
Use Brutus to crack a box running telnet 1:23 1.7MB AVI 03/03/2004
Cain to ARP poison and sniff passwords 0:53 1.7MB AVI 03/02/2004
Install VNC Remotely 4:14 2.90MB AVI 09/26/2002
Start a session and get interactive commandline access to a remote Windows box 4:20 5.00MB AVI 09/18/2002

All credit goes to Irongeek and his/her/their awesome effort in creating all of these AS WELL as hosting the videos for download.  To me, that is the fucking shizznit!!  I salute thee Irongeek and all that you stand for.

Keep Information Free.



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29 11 2006
Pierres Service » Blog Archive » Large Collection Of Hacking Tutorial Videos #4 (Download)

[…] Large Collection Of Hacking Tutorial Videos #4 (Download) Hacking Illustrated: Hacking and Computer security videos [via] Irongeek Irongeek, a great source for all things hacking, has created (as in made these vids himself) a large list of Hacking Tutorial Videos: Length Size Format Date …Read more: here […]

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