Two Ladies Fight Over A Parking Spot, Not Sexy At All

22 11 2006

This proves that people are retarded in general.



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26 11 2006
Speshal Ed

Ha ha ha That’s where I live!

It’s Andover High Street in Hampshire, UK

and they all drive like that here

26 11 2006

Haha that’s hilarious! And it’s worse in America!

26 11 2006

If she ever pulled that in America, she would not live to tell about it, and this video would be on

What a moron. Why do people act like this? Darwins freaking waiting room, man.

27 11 2006


I heart your avatar 😉

27 11 2006

Haha very funny.
I must get an avatar like shel

27 11 2006

Is it funny………..??????

27 11 2006

Don’t know why people will behave like savages sometimes. Chill~~

27 11 2006

I have to agree with the individual that posted earlier: if this happened in the US, that bitch would be dead.

Personally, if that happened to me… I’d throw on some fake tittie and a wig and fuck that bitch up.

27 11 2006

The really crazy thing about this is that the parking spot costs 2 dollars!!! So essentially these ladies were fighting to PAY MONEY to leave their car unattended for a finite amount of time.

What is it about cars that make people crazy. I mean “Road Rage”, “High Speed Chases” etc etc. For some reason when people are in a car they turn into total megalomaniacs. Doesn’t matter what country you’re in.

Good thing I’m an elf or this wouldn’t be as funny.

29 11 2006

Yup. At least a twisted bitter old man did not run over her foot with a shooping cart.


29 11 2006
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13 01 2008

ladies always fight

27 11 2008

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