New Myspace Hack: Quicktime Movie Embed

22 11 2006

Got the Flash embed no longer working blues, try encoding the same redirect used in the old flash hack but now in a quicktime movie. Et voila. Myspace is fucked again.

Read: Quicktime Embeds, A Spammers New Best Friend

So the best way that I can find to do this so far is a MAC app called PlugIn Helper: CLICKY

It makes it way to easy to add the redirect HREF.



5 responses

11 12 2006

PLEASEE!! i wouldlike to access it from school

11 12 2006

I don’t understand what you are asking for. You want access to myspace from your uni computers? Or somethung else? Please expand upon what you want to see and why you can’t see it.


16 12 2006

You can access myspace from school by using this website.

16 12 2006

Fill out awesome myspace surveys at!!

1 07 2010

bteswa ayree

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