Cosmo “I Hate Black People” Kramer Apologizes

22 11 2006

…on Letterman?!?!

WHo wants to place bets on weather he goes into rehab or anger management??

Either way he’s a racits shit and there’s really no going back from that.  Dumb fuck.



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22 11 2006

You know I had to comment on this myself. How can Kramer even begin to say he is not a racist? He didn’t just drop the nBomb, he said some shit that took us all back to the Klan days. And if that is even in your head just when your “angry”, if there’s just a hint of that kind of hate speach in your vocab, YOU ARE A RACISTS.

However, I would like to point out that there are some more pressing issues in America. How did this fiasco become the top news story in the nation?!?!? George Bush is doing some haneous shit right now and the mainstream media is focusing on this?!?!? Fuck that don’t watch what they tell you. Keep your eyes out on the blogs, where the real news comes from.

Not that Cosmo wasn’t completely wrong in what he did and he’s get his, but its just not as important as Bush trying to dodge War Crimes prosecution.

Just sayin…

15 06 2012

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10 12 2013

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