Angry Hippie’s News Wrap Up

20 11 2006

GOP congressional loser, douchebag and cloroflorocarbon-ingesting piece of human waste, Richard Pombo, has a whine or two on his loss:

The CIA off’d RFK (but we already knew that):,,1952393,00.html

OJ’s spotlight time has been taken away, to be replaced by Dick Cheney’s confession of : “I didn’t have NORAD air defense stand-down on 9/11, but if I did, I would have done it like this.”

Tough loss for the Browns yesterday.  I thought Edwards was the perfect guy to catch that difficult-to-catch pass on the last play of the game.  What happened?  Those are the types of balls he can actually catch!  I think the real reason for the loss is that Big Ben finally came through for his team in the 4th quarter as our defense failed.



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