UCLA Student Tasered by UCLA Police for not showing ID (Video)

16 11 2006

The vid is long, but who doesn’t love to see a bruin being tasered!!! (actually you don’t get to see the tasering but hey its a video…)

Here’s the article from “The Daily Bruin”:

UCPD officers shot a student several times with a Taser inside the Powell Library CLICC computer lab late Tuesday night before taking him into custody.

No university police officers were available to comment further about the incident as of 3 a.m. Wednesday, and no Community Service Officers who were on duty at the time could be reached.

At around 11:30 p.m., CSOs asked a male student using a computer in the back of the room to leave when he was unable to produce a BruinCard during a random check. The student did not exit the building immediately.

The CSOs left, returning minutes later, and police officers arrived to escort the student out. By this time the student had begun to walk toward the door with his backpack when an officer approached him and grabbed his arm, at which point the student told the officer to let him go. A second officer then approached the student as well.

The student began to yell “get off me,” repeating himself several times.

It was at this point that the officers shot the student with a Taser for the first time, causing him to fall to the floor and cry out in pain. The student also told the officers he had a medical condition.

UCPD officers confirmed that the man involved in the incident was a student, but did not give a name or any additional information about his identity.

Video shot from a student’s camera phone captured the student yelling, “Here’s your Patriot Act, here’s your fucking abuse of power,” while he struggled with the officers.

As the student was screaming, UCPD officers repeatedly told him to stand up and said “stop fighting us.” The student did not stand up as the officers requested and they shot him with the Taser at least once more.

“It was the most disgusting and vile act I had ever seen in my life,” said David Remesnitsky, a 2006 UCLA alumnus who witnessed the incident.

As the student and the officers were struggling, bystanders repeatedly asked the police officers to stop, and at one point officers told the gathered crowd to stand back and threatened to use a Taser on anyone who got too close.

Laila Gordy, a fourth-year economics student who was present in the library during the incident, said police officers threatened to shoot her with a Taser when she asked an officer for his name and his badge number.

Gordy was visibly upset by the incident and said other students were also disturbed.

“It’s a shock that something like this can happen at UCLA,” she said. “It was unnecessary what they did.”

Immediately after the incident, several students began to contact local news outlets, informing them of the incident, and Remesnitsky wrote an e-mail to Interim Chancellor Norman Abrams. 

All I can say is, the guy should have shown his ID.  Why be a retard?

Fight on Trojans!!!



3 responses

16 11 2006

WTF! Okay the guy should have shown ID I grant that much but I wasn’t there and maybe he wasn’t fast enough for them or didn’t have it on his person but come on this is way over the top. I have a friend who is a real city police officer NYPD and not some rent-a-cop jackoff scumbag and I have to say this went far beyond angering me. I don’t care if this guy (student or non-student in question being assaulted) was my worst enemy, not that I have any, but I would have done a bit more than these passive college kids to show this isn’t acceptable. I am sure it would in fact land me in jail but personally I would have went into a psychotic range watching this shit. By the second or third tasing, I would have started attacking/assaulting the officers with total disregard for my own safety. I am not just saying this and I realize people don’t know me and will think I’m just talking some macho ego stroking bullshit speech but hey think whatever you want. I can assure you whether or not anyone believes me I would have fucking “snapped.” I haven’t been so disgusted and outraged in a long time. I realize my answer is not a rational one or the proper way of dealing with the situation. I have never broken the law and went to jail for it, nor have I talked back to police officers or disrespected them for any reason. This is far from a reasonable circumstance and rational thought went out the window after watching this. I have a long fuse when it comes to things making me truly pissed enough to “go off the deep end” but this would have done it. I will not go into detail about what I would have done specifically as there is no point and when in a blind rage I could not say for sure. What I can say for sure is this isn’t Kent State or the Rodney King beatings but I would not stand idle if I was there at those events either. I wouldn’t be some peaceful protesting advocate for these victims or this victim at UCLA. I would not stand back and watch although I am glad someone took pictures and video to use against these fucking douchebags. I hope they get demoted to mall security or never find a job again. I don’t take shit like this lightly and I’m sick of stupidity, prejudice, ignorance and brainwashing going on these days. This video and story should be in the the prime time tv news instead of more crap about O.J. Simpson (media please stop reporting boring tabloid crap please…this doesn’t effect anyone else in the real world) this isn’t the most important thing in the national news but it is important to bring these assholes to justice swiftly. Abuse the abusers. My hypothetical sentence for the officers in question 500 hours of water-boarding while simultaneously being tased at least once an hour or being publicly tased by the victim (as many times as the victim was by the officer) on the DMZ on the campus while passers by watch on. Then send the officer to 100 hours of sensitivity training and some form of bootcamp for 3 to 4 weeks. May these bastards receive a torment to match that they give. If someone defends their action especially another officer all I got to say is they to should likely find another profession. I have no respect for an officer who uses such tactics on the public and can only hope he (they) suffers like a punk bitch(es) for the rest of his (their) existence or shoots himself in the face. What a bunch of worthless pieces of shit! FOAD…

– Azag

17 11 2006

yeah, the force was excessive to say the least. Those rent a cops are gonna catch hell for this. Now all we need is a flash game called “Shock The Bruin”!! 😉

15 06 2012

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