HOT NEWS: Rush Limbaugh HELPS Democrats Take Missouri Senate Seat!!!

8 11 2006

Right wing disgrace to the name Republican Rush Limbaugh, has HELPED Democrat McCaskill take the senate seat for the great state of Missouri. McCaskill ran against an incumbent Republican Talent. Talent had NO STRIKES AGAINST HIM. He had no scandals. He was in very good standing AND He was the incumbent!! It is an understatement to say that McCaskill was the underdog from the beginning of the Missouri senate race. It seemed an impossibility that McCaskill could beat the flawless incumbent Talent.

However, after Rush Limbaugh’s statements about Michael J. Fox “Faking” his Parkenson’s symptoms in an ad that supported McCaskill for her liberal views on the hot topic of “Stem Cell Research”.

See Previous Posts – For Limbaugh’s outrageous and damning statements about Michael J. Fox and the fallout thereafter:

It is obvious that Rush and fellow Republican’s from Fox (aka Faux) News helped turn the tide towards McCaskill, especially when one takes into consideration the lack of political anything she had over Talent.

Perhaps, next time Rush decides to open his drug addled mouth during any election he will think twice about it. Perhaps, its time for Mr. Limbaugh to fade away.

On behalf of all those that supported Michael J. Fox I would like to say “Thanks Rush!!”.



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