CacheBin – Free Site Mirroring Service!!

4 11 2006

CacheBin – easing the traffic load on your sites

Sweet, Check it:

CacheBin is a free caching service for pages about to be hit by a sudden influx of traffic their server will be unable to handle.We create a static html version of your page and any images, css and javascript on that page and store them on our server.

You might like to use this if your pages are being submitted to sites like, or other social tomfoolery sites with more users then a heroin convention.

A fetched page cannot be updated for 24 hours to minimise any strain we place on your server. If you want to block CacheBin you can do so by adding “user-agent:” to your robots.txt file.

Someday I may need to use this service, someday…



One response

4 11 2006

There’s also the Coral Content Distribution Network. Just append “” to load any URL through the Coral network. For example, to “Coralize” the link to this blog, go to Coralized links are often posted on to make content from strained servers available.

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