Microwave Oven Gun!! (Patent Apllication/How To) :-D

23 10 2006

K, so here’s the patent link:

United States Patent Application: 0060208672 – High-power microwave system employing a phase-locked array of inexpensive commercial magnetrons Link via www.newscientisttech

The description on the patent:


A high-power microwave generator employing a plurality of inexpensive commercial magnetron tubes cross-coupled by means of a secondary coupling path between each magnetron output pair, whereby a portion of the output energy from a first magnetron tube is injected into a second magnetron tube and a portion of the output energy from the second magnetron tube is similarly injected into the first magnetron tube. The resulting cross-injection of microwave energies brings the respective magnetron tube pair into a phase-lock sufficiently stable to permit coherent combination of their outputs for many high-power microwave applications, such as directed energy weapon systems. The magnetron phase-locking system requires no external components other than the secondary coupling paths of this invention.

Wait wut?  Oh I get it.  They’re saying that you can create a loop with two magnetrons from old microwaves where the first “magnetron tube” shoots some microwave energy into the next “magnetron tube” and then back again until the power output is really BIG.  Then you can somehow redirect that energy, which you built up to lethal strength with the magnetron pair, in a “gun like” fashion to “shoot” at people, cars, etc.

I don’t know about the “lethal” part, at least lethal directly to humans.  Even if one could create a directed uber microwave blast, it would have to be huge enough to excite all the water molecules in a human body to the point that the subject’s water content boiled/cooked the subject thusly killing it.

However, if you put a little magnetron pair loop thingy with no direction into an environment with lots of metal or electronics…well you know how you aren’t supposed to put metal in microwaves?  Yeah that could do some damage.  It would destroy any electronic circuitry at the very least.  Sort of like an EMP.

The only thing stopping you would be “magnetron hackers”, is the fact that getting this “coupled magnetron pair” to work as described isn’t going to be easy.  HERE’S THE LINK FOR THE PATENT DRAWINGS

I couldn’t even get the patent application drawings to come up… so it might take some dangerous experimenting to get a final working product.  Of course you could just set up the coupling, start ‘er up and run like hell.  Probably not a good idea though.

Anyways, that’s enough out of me. Good luck with this one.



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