How To: Internet Anonymity With VMWare and JanusVM (Downloads)

18 10 2006

I was fooling around with VMWare,

DOWNLOAD HERE – Free VMware Player
And I discovered this Virtual Appliance called JanusVM.


Once you have the VM player installed then you can open it and load the JanusVM application (it will be a .vmx file), then JanusVM sets up Tor and Privoxy. The interface is much like the command prompt so familiarity with that is a plus here.

JanusVM will give you an ip path to enter into the Run window (found in the start window). It should look something like this:


If the IP is different don’t worry. An icon will appear on your desktop called “JanusVM VPN” after the run.bat file finishes running (Note: You may have to make Windows let the remote bat file run, a few popups to contend with, just make sure that the whole thing can run), then Janus will give you a set of choices.

  1. Show IP information
  2. Configure IP information
  3. Configure Anonymity + Privacy
  4. Shutdown/Reboot
  5. Check For Updates
  6. Help
  7. Quit

Enter number three. Janus will give you a list of privacy configuration, pick the one that says “Anonymous”. Janus will restart TOR and Privoxy and then your set.

I am using it right now. I ran an IP check from one of the many “What’s My IP sites” and it was way off. (NOTE: you can run ipconfig in your command prompt to check what your real IP is.) I have also downloaded some large files with this running and it seems to be just as fast if I were to have no privacy apps running at all. It is definitely running alot faster than when I use the Vidalia + Privoxy bundle and the FoxyProxy FireFox extension. Oops Forgot to run the JanusVM VPN app (the aforementioned icon) on the desktop. Now its slow.

Feel free to comment if I have made any mistakes, or if you have any suggestions for even tighter privacy configurations with VMWare player and JanusVM.

Enjoy your freedom.



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26 11 2006

What networking settings do you have on the windows box? Is netbios and ms client needed?

27 11 2006

@ zora
To be perfectly honest, I’m unsure how to answer your questions.
what is it that you’re trying to do? Run this from a linux system? Either way the network settings don’t matter, unless you are already using another proxy. Also, VMware should run on any OS, so you shouldn’t need anything that is exclusive to MS.

As always I could be completely wrong. When in doubt ask google.


30 11 2006

Win2k pro is the host OS running Vmware.

The \\ip\Setup\Run.bat is never created or accessible.

4 03 2007

I installed WM-Ware Player, and ran the JanusVM. Things looked pretty good, once I got my DHCP server to assign an address (MAC filtered, so I had to find the MAC of the VM, first, then enable it on the network). Ran the “Run.BAT” file, and it created a nice desktop icon.

Double-Click the Icon, and a “JanusVM VPN” window/dialog appears, saying: “Click Connect to begin connecting. To work offline, click Cancel.”

Click the “Connect” button

A n empty “DOS-Box” window appears, shortly followed by a small info-window, that says: “DNS Fixed. Run C:\temp\restore-dns.bat to restore DNS settings.”

This info-window also has a count-down timer in the title-bar, which closes the info-window after a while. The “DOS-Box” window contains nothing, and accepts no input/commands. When I close it, the JanusVM VPN Dialog is uncovered, and now contains an error Message: “Loopback was detected. (Error 737) For customized troubleshooting information for this connection, click Help.”

Help contains no mention of Loopback or Error 737. TraceRt works, and returns familiar results – thus, I suspect TOR is not being used by my system, and JanusVM is not functioning.

Any suggestions?


5 03 2007

In all honesty its better just to run TOR+Privoxy and use the Firefox extension called FoxyProxy. That extension will set up TOR automatically and let you setup filters that FoxyProxy will automatically use TOR on the sites you pick. Or you could use that portable version of Firefox that automatically runs TOR (can’t remember the name right now. Anyways, Running VMware and then this psuedo VPN client just eats up system resources and is a PIA to get to work right.

You could look into other privacy apps like JAP (Java Anonymous Proxy) or just use a free proxy.

Here’s a lifehacker post that is basically an FAQ on how to set up your home computer as a secure (SSH) proxy:

25 03 2007

hi TLR: simply try again when you get loopback detected. this is a known issue with poptop, and M$.

therealdonquixote: FoxyProxy is likely open to a number of anonymity compromising attacks like java, javascript, css and other media format side channels. this will expose you if used without all necessary precautions (see or-talk list, it’s complicated).

on the other hand, a fully transparent TCP proxy like JanusVM (with Privoxy for scrubbing requests to port 80) defends against all these attacks; myself and the lead developer both use java, javascript and flash while browsing with janusvm.

it does require more resources than a browser and tor/privoxy bundle (though not much, the VM runs fine with 64M of ram), but in some cases it is well worth the overhead.

also, linux users can try kvpnc with the existing janusvm for windows:

best regards,

6 10 2007

My middle finger sticking to the asshole forum administrators HAHA !

5 03 2008

Well, I installed VMware player and JanusVM. When I tried to run JanusVM from the VMware screen, Janus VM just stops doing anything when it says it’s getting Tor files or something. “press ‘x'” if I’m tired of waiting (for what?) has no effect. Just stuck. Can’t find any how-to documentation on JanusVM (their link to instruction video directs to a non-existent htm file in a temp directory on my local machine). Gave up and uninstalled it all.

14 03 2008

“JanusVM will give you an ip path to enter into the Run window (found in the start window). It should look something like this:


If the IP is different don’t worry. An icon will appear on your desktop called “JanusVM VPN” after the run.bat file finishes running (Note: You may have to make Windows let the remote bat file run, a few popups to contend with, just make sure that the whole thing can run), then Janus will give you a set of choices.”

Nope….entering the given “\\ip\Setup\Run.bat” results in “The network path was not found”

Guess you have to be an IT geek to use this contraption. No Windows XP instructions anywhere that I could find. It all seems about as clear as mud.

24 03 2008

After running the JanusVM, I cannot type any numbers 1-7. I am on Windows XP and cannot enter any numbers though I am in the virtual machine. Can someone help with this??? Thank you much…


24 03 2008

I forgot to mention everything looks all right, I just can’t enter in a choice though the menu appears…Thank you for your help…


1 04 2008

Followed your instructions word for word and my router info is still available for the world!

I wonder how many people thing their surfing is cloaked after reading this post

. . . . VERY misleading


3 04 2008

Here’s little tips guys or what I’ve learned from my own experience with setting up JanusVM.
1. If you have more than one connections in your Windows XP running at all times, just disable everything else accept the internet connection.Also shutdown every networking programs .This is temporally until we get JanusVM up and running.
If you have adapters named “VMware network adapter Vnet1” and “VMware network adapter Vnet8” you can leave then disabled.They are not necessary to us right now.
2.This is very important : disable all kind of firewalls that you might have.
3. Now If get your internet through a router , log in into your router and (hopefully your router is equipted with this feature.I think it should.) and go to the DMZ .Usually with DMZ you can expose one computer from your LAN build by your router directly to the internet.Do not worry , if you use firewall it is harmless.But since our JanusVM take a place as a sort of a firewall , so we are all good.
In the DMZ tab just type your IP address which you can see in the status > details of your WIndows XP network adapter which is connected to the router.Take a look here ( how to set a static IP in your network adapter.
4. Start JanusVM in VMware player .From the beginning make sure to turn off the “Ethernet 2” adapter from your JanusVM machine.You can do that from the top of the VMware player.Just disconnect “Ethernet 2”.I believe this would help.
By default the first virtual “Ethernet” adapter is bridged, so do not mess with that.This is how it should be for easiest way to get JanusVM connected to the internet.

5.Once JanusVM is finished setting all up, a “j-config” menu appears.Hit choise # 4 from the keyboard , than Enter(This is to set a account and password about ho is allowed to get connected to our JanusVM via VPN)
Type “a”> hit enter
type user name : “newuser” (or whatever you like) hit enter
type password : “!*newuser” (for example) hit enter
type “d” hit enter
again at the j-config menu > type choice 1,enter Write down the JanusVM IP address.Every time you start JanusVM ,could be different!
We ‘ re through.
Now open network connections in your host Windows XP ,from the File menu > new connection .The new connection wizard stats up.
Click next > check connect to the network at my workplace >click next > Check Virtual Private Network connecion > click next > give it a name for example “JanusVM VPN” > next >do not dial the initial connection > now type the JanusVM IP address > next > check “add a shortcut to my desktop” > next > done.
Now start the VPN connection we just created. Type username : newuser, password : !*newuser > click connect
Once you’re connected to the JanusVM you can now start up your other networking programs and network connections we disabled at the beginning.
Now check you new IP address in a web site and u’ll be amazed!

15 04 2008

I had used tor before,and it was running fine with privoxy.
But something happened lately, when i tried to install an IMsecure software.
Pages refuse to load on firefox when tor is enabled.
I tried un installing and re installing tor. still same result.
I was hoping i could get tor up and running and be anonymous with janus.
but going through the posts above makes me feel that i wouldn’t be able to install and setup janus on my own (me a dumbo with computers).
Can anybody suggest how to go about this, from scratch?!!!
Thank you.

21 04 2008

i had tor with privoxy previously installed in my system. Had uninstalled this,and installed vm player,and janus. But it seems it’s not running with tor. pages are loading when tor button is disabled and its set it up just for privacy. When i used option 3 in the j configure menu,pages are not loading.
some one please tell me what to do…..
Thank you.

24 07 2008

Anyone know of a mirror for JanusVM?! It’s like it disappeared off the net (suspicious). I checked torrents, newsgroups, their website, google. Not a single working link…what happened to them?

25 09 2008

When I follow the instructions i get a profile not built for my architecture please contact admin. im running a new vistabox, any solutions?

30 10 2008

Blackjak, thanks for the extra info.
I did everything you said, but when I enter the IP that Janus lists under ‘to install VPN under LAN’ at my VPN connection it won’t connect.
I have also tried my original IP and my default gateway IP here, nothing will work.
Or should I shut off my original LAN connection before I connect with the VPN?
Hope you can provide me an answer..

17 05 2009

Hi therealdonquixote,

Firstly, thanx for all you help in setting up JanusVM. Its so easy for everyone to Crit your post, but then why dont they come up with the answers?

Anyway, i have a vista machine running VMWare workstation 6.5. I downloaded JanusVM and run it. Everything seems fine, but my problem apears when i try to connect to the \\\Setup\Run.bat file. The error i recieve says: “Windows cannot access \\\setup\run.bat”…

Then when i click diagnose it say: “‘’ is not set up to establish a connection on port ‘File and printer sharing(SMB)’ with this computer”.

I am connected to the internet via a WWAN HSDPA Dialup Connection. I am able to connect to the internet from another VM that i opened, so this tells me that the VM does not have a problem connecting to TOR. But i have a problem connecting to JanusVM.

I allready dissabled my firewall on the host for the VM1 and 8 connections, but that made no difference.

Any ideas?

Thanx for your time and efforts.
Kind Regards,


30 10 2010

You you should change the post subject How To: Internet Anonymity With VMWare and JanusVM (Downloads) TheMostBoringBlogInTheWorld to something more generic for your webpage you create. I enjoyed the post withal.

16 01 2011

the moron who wrote the tut left out the fact you run the \\192.x.x.x\\setup\run.bat in the BROWSER .. NOT THE VMBOX.

I hate broken tuts.

23 06 2011

^^Ted (16:22:19)
what protocol in linux that you know of that has only “\\”? as far as i know to view windows file shares in linux its “smb://” in the browser, not to mention i havent seen any place that you can type any address in janusVM, and also not to mention it says how to connect to the share right on the front-main menu witch leaves me questioning who the REAL moron is… good day sir

28 09 2011

bla …never got pass where u type the address to get the run.bat.. widnows just give me error.. forget it

15 06 2012

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2 08 2013
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