Hackers Toolkit Suite 2006 (Downloads Link) v3.0

18 10 2006

I would like to appologize for this whole debocal. As it turns out there is NO Hackers.Toolkit.Suite.2006 all in one out there that is not INFECTED WITH SEVERAL VIRUSES. As a warning, beware of what you download from BT that refers to anything that is similar to the AIO Hackers Toolkit 2006, or any derivation thereof. I’ve tried em all and they all come up with really bad viri hidden in the applications themselves not just the viri vault. I AM NOW MAKING THIS ALL UP TO YOU MY LOYAL READERS/PEOPLE WHO STUMBLED ONTO THIS SITE RANDOMLY.

Therefore: I am putting up this link of the best Live CD of Haking Tools that is out there for 2006.

It is in the form of a Nero disc image file (.nrg). If you don’t have Nero get a trial copy to burn this disc. This is a live CD and most of it is in German. I went to great lengths to get this live cd and I scanned it with several anti-viri apps and burned it and ran it myself.

NOTE: The file is titled “Image.nrg” for a reason. I can assure you that the file is ABSOLUTELY clean. Once you burn it you’ll understand why this is such a nice live CD.

Here’s the link again:


Enjoy It while it lasts.



6 responses

18 10 2006

therealdonquixote nice job trying to make something nice for the visitors even though it’s not your fault. You certainly went above and beyond the call to do something cool to make up for someone else’s tainted creation. 😉
Well maybe fiasco is a strong word for this since it clearly is not your fault. The only way to fix this AIO would be to unRAR the whole thing making the interface useless and unloadable unless you rebuilt with the Autoplay Media Studio yourself and this is much trouble to go through and you would need the app yourself if it could be done which is *doubtful. The only real danger was the handful of Parite.B viruses posing as nukes and flooders. It is nice that therealdonquixote went to all this trouble to make everyone something safe that some unsuspecting idiot would not infect themselves with and my hat’s off to him for all this hard work. Then again if someone infected themselves because they were to lazy to anti-virus scan the old version they only have themselves to blame but of course that is just my opinion. Even a crappy AV scanner would have picked these things up. This wasn’t some new cutting-edge virus, it was old, but still nasty nonetheless. This infection is also easily repaired if you had to do it. It was a slow moving infector that would simply creep along through multiple drives and network shares seemingly at random or so I believe based on it’s observed behavior.
If anyone who doesn’t collect virii infected themselves I suggest this little app that will fix everything very fast and recover any infected files:

avast! Virus Cleaner Tool v1.0.209.rar

This only cleans a few particular pesky viruses and worms including all know versions of Parite.A,B and C. Version B is the one you need to seek and destroy if infected. I hope this helps anyone who may have overlooked the risks the old AIO posed.
Again neither I nor therealdonquixote put the old AIO together so blame HackIDTEAM if you feel the need to blame someone or whomever may have somehow manipulated this AIO (which is *doubtful if even possible.) 😛

– Azag

PS to therealdonquixote:
Speaking of AIO’s I will send you an advanced copy of mine since my bandwidth is limited and you may not wish to wait all damn day. 😉

1 11 2006

I try to download it but it’s impossible

2 12 2006


2 12 2006

I dowloaded 50% but it crashed

4 12 2006

I’ll have to check out the link. Gimme some time.

6 09 2007
Super Ray

will this software infect my computer?

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