Time for Introspection for British Muslims

17 10 2006

Time for Introspection for British Muslims [Via] The Arab News 

Holy Moly!!  This is extremely radical for a newspaper that once (and probably still does) censor the comic “Family Circus”.


Arab News Logo

Lubna Hussain, lubna@arabnews.com
I have lost count of the times that I have been admonished, chastised, ordered, requested, advised, politely reminded to cover my face. My usual stance is one of insolence. I invariably refuse with a ‘Why should I?’ partly because I can’t stand being told what to do and partly because to draw a veil over my face just because someone has told me to and not due to religious conviction is nothing short of hypocrisy. Concomitantly, I have had many confrontations with those self-appointed vigilante types who want to give me free spiritual guidance.

“Sister,” they begin. “You should really cover your face.” “But there are hadith that state the contrary,” I retort in my defense.

“It is forbidden for women on pilgrimage to cover their faces. And besides, why can’t we follow the verse in the Qur’an that tells both men and women to ‘lower their gaze and guard their modesty’?”


I can well imagine that the veiling of the face in a society where there is already so much misconception about our religion would only further fuel suspicion and intolerance. I think that British Muslims have more serious issues to contend with than alienating the society that plays host to them. Unlike their French counterparts, they enjoy the liberty of observing the Islamic dress code and their democratically elected government has engaged in major initiatives to accommodate the free practice of their religion.

I wonder why it is that this is never highlighted or appreciated?

As seems to be the case with the majority of Muslim immigrant populations much of the problems that they face stem from educational backwardness and resulting economic marginalization. Instead of haranguing about what it is that the government has done for them, they should seriously be asking themselves what it is that they have done for society. Such introspection might lead them to the conclusion that other than demanding the rights that are often denied to them in the countries that they came from and creating controversy and disunity they have contributed little else.

DAAAAAAAMN.  I hope nobody kills that lady. Seriously, fatwas have been issued for less.

Good on ya Lubna Hussain, stand up for your true faith.  And Inshalla, you will be protected for your bravery.



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