The Scientology Video That Tom Cruise Doesn’t Want you To See (Video)

17 10 2006

This is weird.  Long.  And the d00d is dressed like he is on Star Trek or something.

WTF?!?!  SRSLY – What kind of idiots get into this crap.  i mean I can see starting it just to get a leg up in Hollywood, but doing for any other reason is friggin nuts.

Don’t Forget to Check Out:

War Of The Worlds – The Scientology Version (Video)



3 responses

12 11 2006

Sorry, I must tag this as bigotry.

The writer was simply allowing emotions to run away with decency. To some, tolerance is limited to topics that make up one’s peer group. The person responsible for the post isn’t interested inprinciples, only appeafing to be part of a rather low-life pack.

It’s sad that prejudice, and hungrily believing hate-speech, can so encyst one’s feelings that the writer cannot see, and no longer feel.

13 11 2006

@ Reporting
What are you talking about. I think you have the wrong post.

15 06 2012

Its excellent as your other articles : D, appreciate it for putting up. “A great flame follows a little spark.” by Dante Alighieri.

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