I HATE Rapidshare, However RapidHarvest is THE only app Worth Using (Download)

16 10 2006

I am just sick of rapidshare. If I have to dick around with another worthless hack, workaround, etc etc only to get jack squat, I am going to shit myself.

There is always a new hack or workaround for rapidhsare. Fore example,
New Rapidshare Premium Downloader..
Hack RapidShare: Set Wait Limit to Zero (NO LONGER WORKS)
The first article is just a rapidshare mirror, and you can’t DL anything over 35mbs.  Of couse the old JS hack is worthless.

However, I did find one usefull app for downloading from Rapishare:

RapidHarvest lets you cue up several downloads and you can just let it run in the background while you pass the time during the multriple wait times for us poor non-premium users.  It’s no an altogether horrible experience.

DL HERE:  http://filesfly.com/f/fdbb49a510_0.87MB

Note: I am now using filesfly to host all my files, because there are no shenanigans and a larger file size.

So…I guess that’s it.



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31 10 2006

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9 12 2006

i tried a rapidshare link, rapisharvest did not work

6 02 2007

Enjoy unlimited downloading from rapidshare with these premium accounts! Courtesy of Team Cracksforever!


17 05 2007


1 06 2007

How Dumb can you get. You posted the link for hacking rapidshare at rapidshare. Please use some other file sharing to share this, as they won’t let this stay on their servers. 🙂

11 06 2007

Try this site


He explains everything with videos.

16 04 2008
passing by

yeah! mee too! i hate rapidshair.
free user have to wait almost 2hrs for just a 100mb file?!!!
i can get my download done with DepositFiles, Easy-Share way faster then rapidshair!
and it free as well.
rapidshair should be ban!

19 06 2008

This really works. If you have DSL or Cable turn your modem off wait about 30secs and then turn it back on. Then you can download another file right away. I do it all the time.

3 09 2009


5 01 2010

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17 09 2010

Well done rapid share and the like… for all the effort in the world I cannot to download one useful item. congrats you win you made it prohibitively expensive for people in the third world to get any useful originally freely shared content from the internet…

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