How to: Hide Files in JPG’s (Video)

16 10 2006

How to hide files in JPG’s [via]

This is a neat little hack.


Here is a tutorial on how to hide files in Jpg’s. Please note it isn’t the most secure method, because the information is stored in plain text but it’s still cool to play with. A simple solution to make this more secure, is to use encryption on the RAR file when your create it, but thats not the point of this tutorial 🙂 The idea is to show how files can be ‘slammed’ together, to stop the average PC user from finding them.

Idea by Radical Edward from The Hackers Voice

[this is a shite transfer I made. Please visit the original site for a better vid]

I know the idea of hiding info in a JPEG is old but not everyone knows how to do it.




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