650,000 Iraqi Civilians Dead, “Why is CNN Censoring Its U.S. Domestic News??” (Video)

16 10 2006

Why is CNN Censoring Its U.S. Domestic News?? [via]Throw away your TV 

Just a repost:

As noted by Brasscheck TV, CNN reported pollster John Zogby’s endorsement of the methodology resulting in the estimate of 650,000 Iraqi civilians killed due to the U.S. invasion and occupation. However, CNN did not present this report to its viewers in the U.S. — it was shown exclusively for the non-U.S. market in their International Report. The CNN report for the U.S. did, however, show footage of Bush refuting the professionally-produced estimate, published in Lancet — preferring his own royal estimate of fewer than 40,000 Iraqi civilians killed. He goes on to say that the people of Iraq “tolerate” this level of violence.

Why is CNN only reporting this overseas? This professional assessment of the death toll estimate deserves to be reported to the people who are funding this war. CNN, why do you choose to broadcast this outside of the US only?

Regarding the report:
Financial Times
WSJ Online
Google News Search

I’m guessing CNN is going to try and have this pulled from youtube, so I thought I’d help spread the word before the fact.




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16 10 2006


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