HOT NEWS: Remote Exploit Anounces Backtrack 2.0 Beta Is Out!!! (Donwload)

14 10 2006

I am already drooling at the mere thought of an improvement on what I saw as the pinacle of pen testing (read: hacking) live CD’s.  This news is so hot the changelog isn’t even up yet!! I am so excited I could piss myself with glee.  I already have a Backtrack partition on my laptop and have even made a couple tutorials on how to install Backtrack for Dual Boot with WinXP, as well as SAM+SECURITY cracking with Backtrack tools.

THE pen testing linux live cd, BACKTRACK, is back with a vengeance in version 2.0Beta. Backtrack is a combination of Whax and Remote Exploit’s previous pen testing dynamo Auditor.

I’ll let them toot their horn now, enough fellating on my part:

In addition to the approx. 300 tools, the Backtrack security collection contains further background information regarding the standard configuration and passwords, as well as word lists from many different areas and languages with approx. 64 million entries. Current productivity tools such as web browser, editors and graphic tools allow you to create or edit texts and pictures for reports, directly within the Backtrack security platform. Many tools were adapted, newly developed or converted from other system platforms, in order to make as many current auditing tools available as possible on one CD-ROM. Tools like Wellenreiter and Kismet were equipped with an automatic hardware identification, thus avoiding irritating and annoying configuration of the wireless cards.


Current version – BackTrack v.2.0 Public Beta Edition

The md5 of the bt20061013.iso is 67ce734304ef2f82c7fd7c1ba5e1caa1 please validate your download before posting about problems during booting etc.

  • Mirror 1 – Sponsored by SWITCHmirror – HTTP
BackTrack v.2.0 Public Beta Edition bt20061013.iso (
  • Mirror 2 – Sponsored by SWITCHmirror – FTP
BackTrack v.2.0 Public Beta Edition bt20061013.iso (
  • Mirror 3 – Sponsored by BELNET.BE – HTTP
BackTrack v.2.0 Public Beta Edition bt20061013.iso (
  • Mirror 4 – Sponsored by BELNET.BE – FTP
BackTrack v.2.0 Public Beta Edition bt20061013.iso

Also check out companion site:

For additional module downloads. [Which can be added with Myslax to  create your own custom ISO.]
Check out [Their] Training Companion Site –

Check the features: (there are so many that I need to make a read more link below)

Backtrack Tools Page




ISR Forms ( - Parser tool to get form tags info from html files.

List Urls - Extract Links from webpage.


Finger Google - Enumerate domain users from google

Goog Mail Enum - Enumerate domain emails from google


DNS Enum - Enumerates DNS information (Zone Transfers, Reverse Look-ups). By Filip Waeytens


SMB Enum - Enumerate Remote Services

NBTScan - NetBIOS Enumeration Tool.


SNMP Enum - Enumerate information on machines that are running SNMP. By Filip Waeytens

Mibble MIB Browser - Load MIB file(s)


Relay Scanner - Scans Open Mail Relays

SMTP Vrfy - Used to verify that a user exists in a domain.


Luma -

- Ldap Enum

Exploit Archive

Metasploit Framework

Metasploit (

- Msfcli - Command line

- MsfWeb - Web version

- MsfUpdate - Update metasploit

- MsfConsole - Console version


Milworm (

Milworm Archive

Update Milworm


Security Focus (

SecurityFocus Archive

Update SecurityFocus


Vulnerability Scanners

Nessus ( - Remote Security Scanner

Nikto ( - A Web Server Scanner

Port Scanners

AutoScan ( - Network Monitoring and Management Tool

NmapFE ( - NmapFE is a GTK+ X front end to the Nmap Security Scanner

UnicornScan ( - Information Gathering and Correlation Engine.

Amap ( - Next Generation Scanning Tool.

Password Attacks

Online Attacks

Hydra ( - The best parallized login hacker: for Samba, FTP, POP3, IMAP,

 Telnet, HTTP Auth, LDAP, NNTP, MySQL, VNC, ICQ, Socks5, PCNFS, Cisco and more...

Mezcal HTTP/S ( - Brute Forcing Tool.


Offline Attacks

- Hash Collision

- Rainbow Crack ( - Hash Cracker.



Fuzzer 1.2

Bed - Modular protocol fuzzer.

Peach ( - Peach is a cross-platform fuzzing framework written in Python



Etherape ( - Graphical Network Monitor.

Ethereal ( - Network Protocol Analyzer.

Cisco Tools

Copy Router Config

Cisco Torch - Mass Cisco Vulnerability Scanner

Yersinia ( - a solid framework for analyzing and testing the deployed networks and systems

Cisco Exploiter ( - Cisco Global Exploiter is an advanced, simple and fast security testing tool

Database Tools

- Oracle

- SQL Injection Tools

- MySQL Tools

Wireless Tools

Switch Drivers - Switch Drivers Script

Air Crack ( - WEP/WPA Cracking Program.

Kismet ( - 802.11 Layer2 Wireless Network detector, sniffer, and intrusion detection system


BT Audit ( - PSM_SCAN and RFCOMM_SCAN for PSM and RFOMM Channel scanning.

Blue Snarfer - Bluetooth Cracking Tool

Forensic Tools



File Carving

Partition Analysis

File Analysis

Timeline Analysis

BackTrack Services






VNC Server



- Leo Editor

- SPE Python

- Net Wag

- QTParted

- USBView

- VMWare

Enjoy, I know I will.



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