MS DOS 6.0 Source Code Via Google Code Search!! (Download)

13 10 2006

So I was bumming around the net and I found this little gem. The friggin source code for MS DOS 6.0!!!!

This should be a great help to those trying to create W!ndows clones that are FREE.

Check it:

Google Code Search

Download it:

CLICKY CLICKY sorry the original site is gone.  I found a copy and rapidshared it:
Btw did you see my previous article on How To Find Exloite Source Code and Code Vulnerabilities w/Google Code Search?

You Shoule Check it out HERE <—- Click that, I double dare ya!!
Hack on fellow bored people.



4 responses

13 10 2006

The original link is down.. 😦
I’d prefer to get the ZIP, instead of going through google’s cache..

13 10 2006

Found a better site and rapidshared it.  See it in the post?

BTW thanks for the heads up.

14 10 2006

Thanx. Got that.. 🙂

13 03 2007

Rapidshare said : “File not found” . I’cant download sir…

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