Steals Hacks, Calls Them Their Own, And Then Charges For The Info – per DoZ

12 10 2006

Why Astalavista.Net Is Lame … [via] Doz @ hacker central

DoZ, a super moderator at hacker central security forums, has this to say about Astalavista:

Hi fellow users and astalavista admins. I want to ask one question, why you charge money for stuff that u steal from our site and claim it as your own? I spend tons of my bust hours uploading and it takes you two seconds to put it up on your site and make people pay some $ 30 for Hackers Center contents! I want all the people to boycott and only lamers spend money on that site for everything that’s from this site and FREE! I hope you at least tell your users were all this contents you upload comes from! We can’t Stop You but! We Can Tell The Truth and soon or later no one is going to visit your site! This is not first time, it’s just that I am tired of this Lamery! If you own blog please post this! Thank you for your time and keep visiting the only # 1 Hackers Portal on Net.

All the underlined are things from our site!

I don ‘t know what the deally is here, but charging anything for hacking info is EXTRA SUPER ASSHATERY.  Now on top of that stealing other’s hacks and posting them as your own is just wrong, and possibly punishable by hacker retribution.


I NEVER post other’s hacks as my own, I always give credit.  And of course I never ask for money.  The whole point of this blog is to keep information FREE.


Astalavista, it looks like you have some questions to answer.  What say ye admins? I am sure your fans NEED an explanation on this.


PS: Sup DoZ thanks for the tip. Feel free to post more evidence in the comments, or let me know where to find it.



17 responses

12 10 2006

suckiNg HacK3rs

12 10 2006
3vil Hack3r

I Knew this all along! F***** steal from that site! Astalavista is just bunch of lamers! You gotta give credit to those Hard working Hackers At! Astalavista is just Big gay Mirror that copies every ones files and uploadds it into there money stealing .Net portal!

8 01 2007
Someone >_>

Who cares if they steal it? They’re paying for a portal of info. They don’t have to look around on other sites to get it. Hacking isn’t about claiming rights to information; it exists because people DON’T want to be tied down by certain rules or rights, regulations, etc.

Stop whining.

8 01 2007

Astalavista!! well if your gunna go on that site,watch out for the muva fookin viruses and spyware,the place is full of that shit,i know believe me :-)a better plcae i can think of is

8 01 2007

if you require a keygen or password for a certain appz well post here,and i may be able to help anyway 🙂

3 05 2007

Hai mitch I need keygen for speed tree 4 from digimation!!!!!!!! pls help me !!!!1

6 05 2007

Lets get this straight, I havent found one virus or trojan downloading from there,
its been about 3 years now and Everything is fine on my PC, mitch your just wack lamer that gets scared when your antivirus tries to remove your “hacking Tools” clmaing them to be virus so dumb ding dongs like you would not try to hack anything ! in my opinion is # 1

P34c3 Guy$

11 05 2007

I need someon to send me a free hacking program, I need to use it in school and i think it is fucking awfull that, that site is like always robbing other people’s hacking programs,

So if people would like to send me a hacking program that i can use in school i will be sooo happy. I promis that i will not put it into one of my own websites (As i do not have one)

My MSN is—–Please please i want my own back on these motherfuckers….. 🙂

7 09 2007

u are talking from a biased point of view, its not claiming the ownership of the files, it is just hosting it, i mean not even the admins are posting, it is being posted by the members. asta has been a very good website and the tech help and advice is better than experts exchange ffs

7 09 2007

asta users post those, not the admins… get a clue moron

13 11 2007

Dear mitch:
Please i need your help to solve the problem of antispy / noadware / antiviruse
I dont have the suitable serial for some fucking good products, such as antispy doctor,golden anti spyware 5.1…….
Your help is highly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

5 03 2008

This post is totally a waste, useless, and bullshit.
As a first glance, you don’t know what you’re talking about,Astalavista isn’t held by your so called Uber Hacking programs, but its a community where users share their knowledge ,mostly its about the community that makes Astalavista this great.

Before posting such bullshit info, take a reread for your self at this and reanalyze this and’re very far from Asta my friend ;).

21 04 2009
Chineese Slave

Astalavista is kinda lame, its ugly layout, to much porn ads … lol and no style of hacking layout for new guys, i have my bookmarks on some sites even Hackers Central but asta is not good enough for my book marks, case closed

1 05 2009

Hi mitch,Can u teach me, how to hack other people pc or laptop as like other people private password?

13 05 2009

I was a long term user, who quit. In terms of your admins, they aren’t paid, so they have nothing to say, except the 2 or so of them getting paid. And the paid people don’t contribute anything to asta anyway. Its why its collapsing

Furthermore, I have come to realise that the owners know little about security. Most the security was fixed by a guy known as Spoofed Existance (he was legendary and helped for free). However, he stopped fixing their mistakes LONG ago. How the hell do security experts miss a simple bug like:

Don’t even visit the site, as they get paid for ads, and most of their success was by piggybacking off Its time for to collapse. People are getting rich by screwing their customers. I wont use my real nick, but I am a VERY early user, who contributed a lot, who has supported asta through thick and thin. But now the gigs up.

1) The astalavista security group is an act
2) The owners aren’t passionate about security
3) For a “security website”, was always full of holes, and still is
4) Everything the owners touch seems to become insecure.
5) The owners have been told MANY times, by many people that people are paying for content which isn’t unique, and they should hire at least 1 person to contribute. IGNORED!!
6) All the good members have left. Check the forum RSS for proof. The forum is down to maybe 1 post every 2 or 3 days.

Asta is dead/extinct. Has been for a while. DON’T SUPPORT THEM!!! There are plenty of better networks around (even NSFW, where they stole the name from). And as I was probably the most vocal user for a while there now, it will now be quieter

11 06 2009

Hey motherfucker,
I am a life time member of For the past 8 years I have been a member I have never once downloaded a virus, trojan horse, or backdoor prog. If you are going to criticize get your facts right beforehand.

15 06 2012

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