“A Society Which So Wants To Be Free That They’re Willing To…There’s A Level Of Violence That They Tolerate”

12 10 2006

Wow, what zinger of a quote by the fool-in-chief .  Possibly up there with some of his worst. 

Watch This Report from CNN: Video

I think I’m going to vomit after hearing that quote by Bush: “”A Society Which So Wants To Be Free That They’re Willing To…There’s A Level Of Violence That They Tolerate”

The truth is that they aren’t tolerating it. 

From the Washington Post

“Herndon, Va.: Enjoy your reading your work. Please talk about who has left Baghdad/Iraq. Is the middle/upper class almost gone? Is there going to be anyone left, assuming there is ever a “democracy.” Will there be anyone left to constitute a critical mass of secular/professionals? Thanks.

Sudarsan Raghavan: Thanks Herndon, Va.

Another great question. Virtually every day I hear of middle class and professionals leaving the country. Almost everyone who can afford to leave or send a relative out of Iraq is doing so. Many are headed to Beirut, Dubai, Cairo, or Europe, if they have the cash or better yet, relatives who can sponsor them. Another indicator: The Iraqi passport office in Baghdad is crowded daily. The mood among the middle class is that the Iraq’s insecurity will only get worse. Yet at the same time, Iraqis are a resilient people and they feel deep pride for their country, where civilization began more than 5000 years ago. So many, I like to think, are leaving Iraq to wait it out, and they will return when life is better here. Iraq will certainly need them to come back, in order to rebuild itself physically and spiritually”

Folks, we have DESTROYED Iraq.  Any Iraqi with any amount of education, money, power, and influence has left their beloved homeland forever because we have laid it to waste.  I heard a figure that over ONE MILLION Iraqi Uppper Middle Class and Middle Class citizens have left the country.  Another 300,000 are refugees within their own country.  And now we find that possibly over 600,000 innocent civilians have been killed. 

So much for the idea that we invaded Iraq to create a stable Democracy that was to lead the Middle East as a shining example of freedom.  Nice cover, but sorry, you’re a liar.  So, Neo-Con scum, what’s the real reason we are there?  I’m waiting an answer.  So far I’ve come up with 1) A Permanent Military Presence in the region and 2) Access to the Oil Fields.  Those seem to be much more credible reasons than forcing a Democracy-at-gunpoint.  So, why don’t our leaders just tell us what they are doing?  I’ll bet you Neo-Con scum would still think it’s a good idea no matter what they tell you.

Another fun fact:  If this 600,000 person civilian death toll is correct, then Iraq has officially surpassed the civilian casualty toll of Japan in World War II, which was 300,000.  Source: Link 

Who needs an atom bomb when you have an occupying force creating a massive civil war?

Vote on November 7th.  Start the change.



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12 10 2006

Seriously if the death toll of Iraqi CIVILIANS is 600,000, we’re not talking Iraqi military or police either which you have to acknowledge are the most in danger, then the average death toll per day in Iraq is somewhere around 470 civilians a day. The My Lai massacre was one of the most gruesome events that took place during the Vietnam war and that was 500 civilians. I highly doubt if our troops were committing a daily My Lai for the past 3 and a half years that any administration would be able to keep a lid on it. Particularly if the reports of military unrest and general discontent with the war in the military are true. It just doesn’t seem plausible.

12 10 2006

Yeah, I agree, but the study does seem to be credible according to some experts. I don’t think our troops are responsible for all (or even most) of the deaths; I think many civilian deaths are to be counted as part of the civil war that is going on there, that is, many of these deaths were caused by Shi’ites killing Sunnis and vice versa. Also, don’t forget the use of depleated uranium in our weapons and the effect that has had on the population. Lastly, the “shock-and-awe” nonsense that started this war was responsible for massive civilian casulties. Most of our so-called “smart weapons” always inflict some type of civilian deaths. Anyway, I hope the number isn’t that high. It’s tragic.

By the way, nice blog name!

12 10 2006

Yeah, I thought about that after I posted it, but it’s hard to believe that a civil war between Shi’ites & Sunnis in Iraq can wreak more havoc in sheer magnitude of deaths (eventhough instigated by our presence) than 20 years of dictatorship under Saddam Hussein- he did kill 20,000 Kurds on one day in 1986 or 1988 (it’s been four years since that very depressing New Yorker article I read, and I can’t find it on the web). That’s basically what the allegations of there being 600,000 civilian deaths since the war began is trying to say, that the U.S. presence is worse than Saddam’s.

12 10 2006

I think Iraq needed a dictator to tie together its disparate, heterogeneous groups. Saddam was an ass, but unfortunately he was better than anarchy, civil war, and occupation. And a Democracy doesn’t seem feasible at this point. Maybe if we installed a little bit of a nicer dictator it would work…maybe someone like George Bush. Ah, that’s it! In 2008, I think Bush should go and be the new dictator of Iraq. It would be his lifelong dream.

All I know is that Bush flat out denied the 600,000 figure and I’ve learned to believe the exact opposite of everything he says.

2 02 2008
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