Everyone Needs To Let Go of the pA$$sionate America, Foley Victim scandal bullcraptasticness

11 10 2006

VIA MLMLiberal

I was informed of this asshatery very recently. Apparently someone has seen fit to “threaten” MLMLiberal for trying to get William Kerr, aka Wild Bill, to realize the severity of outing a Foley Victim.

Here’s the post/comment thread via MLMLiberal:

[MLM] came across this posting earlier tonight (at the Patterico blog):

@mlm liberal:
i concur with christoph that you are a piece of shit. your comments are
laughably lame. you’re waiting on the ohio highway patrol investigations
unit to tell you if the law was broken by the outing of an alleged
victim? when the oracle in columbus or cleveland or cincinnati gets back
to you with a “no”, you will pass this on to us, right? right?
i don’t believe that the page was a “victim” at all, whether he was 17
or 18. he went from voluntarily cybering a congressman to a position
where he might affect control of the house in november, which makes him
a player in a full-contact sport. to assess the credibility of the
allegations, we have the right to know who he is.
here’s a suggestion: to assure the legality of your own blog posts, take
your advice from an attorney, not a law enforcement investigator. your
own striving to become a player and your willingness to put someone
else’s six year-old boy in play makes your own identity, family members
and gay liaisons fair game.

I got to be honest here, this is way old news and I am soooooooooo over it. I don’t even know what the paterico blog is. Its done. Would everyone just let it go? Lefties and Righties, this fiasco is all out there on the net. The threats back and forth are now useless. The info will never go away no matter what you do. LET GO!
EVERYONE NEEDS TO LET THIS SHIT GO. Its done. The info is out there on the net. It will never go away. LET GO. Could I be more repetitive?

This includes you, MLMLiberal. What Wild Bill did was despicable, but its done and over. The FBI does not give a shit. You did what you could, albeit I would have left the kid out of the postings (in fact I blurred his face and x’d out his name), but that’s done and over too, let go. If anyone threatens you, or your coworkers physically, that is ILLEGAL and you can have their IP’s tracked and their behinds in jail. Other than that try not to worry. News, Flames, Asshatery travels fast on the net, and it dies out just as fast. I doubt that you or your coworkers are in danger. However, In the future I recommend that you protect your personal info more rigorously, you never know who is going to do some stupid shit. Like plaster your info wherever they can. In fact I am going to remove that picture and info right now, this is just too friggin ghey to believe.

Angry Righties, its over. No one wins no one loses. There I said it, and I am a lefty. Let Go. Physical violence is useless, it solves nothing. Identity outing is what it is. If you’re that 1337 and have that huge of a hard on to be super kewl r33t-0h then go at it. I really don’t fucking care anymore. This is so ridiculous its fuckdiculous.

NOTE: To any net vigilante out there, don’t take ANYTHING too seriously. Its just life, and nobody gets out alive.

Peace Out People. I WILL NOT post anymore on this craptastic clusterfuck.

God I hate humans. Good thing I’m an elf. (a kewl Drow elf, not one of those sissy santa elves, yeah that’s right I called santa’s elves sissies.)



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