Fox News Deliberately Changes Party Affiliation Labels AGAIN!! (Pix)

10 10 2006

Daily Kos: Fox News mislabels party affiliations AGAIN

Thanks to Daily Kos and Sinfonian, we have another bit of proof that Fox News partisan shenanigans:

After all of last week’s craziness regarding their incessant labeling of Mark Foley as a Democrat, here’s what they put up while discussing the Rhode Island Senate race between Sen. Lincoln Chafee (R) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D):

faux nes mislable pt2

Yep, through Fox’s looking-glass, the Republican candidate now is the leader, Whitehouse!

I have no idea what, if anything, can be done about this now epidemic misuse of the Chyron graphics machine, but it’s really getting ridiculous.  I mean, Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket, how many times are they going to pull this crap?  And what can be done about it?

(Cross-posted, with edits, to Blast Off!)

I want to know the same things.  Is this libel?  Is it Slander?  What can we do to make Fox News tell the truth, and stop “mislabelling” party affiliations??

I really am looking for answers here.  Feel free to leave on in a comment.



One response

11 10 2006

That’s probably more of a typo than anything…

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