Stewart Dispels Rumor of White House Run, but What Do You Really Need In A President?

9 10 2006

Stewart Dispels Rumor of White House Run [via]


NEW YORK (AP) — Those people wearing “Stewart/Colbert ’08” T-shirts can stop hoping – Comedy Central’s fake news stars have no intention of making a run for the White House.Jon Stewart said the T-shirts promoting him and Stephen Colbert “are a real sign of how sad people are” with the state of affairs in the country.

“Nothing says ‘I am ashamed of you my government’ more than ‘Stewart/Colbert ’08,’ Stewart told an audience Sunday at the New Yorker Festival. He was interviewed by the magazine’s editor, David Remnick.

I’m going to put reality aside here for a moment, after all I knew the T-shirts where as much of a Joke as the Chritopher Wlaken web sites.

Here we go, suspend your disbelief…

Yeah but I really think they could do a good job. What do you really need in a President?

  1. Street Smarts (aka common sense) and Intelligence
  2. Trustworthy
  3. A genuinely good person
  4. A leader

Jon and Stephen have proven that they are both more than acceptable candidates in my eyes. They lead a nation of fans already. They are both obviously intelligent in both ways that matter. Lastly, you can trust that they will try to do the right thing, not just toe the party line.

Why should we put another asshole politician in the white house? They just keep mucking things up for us young Americans that will have to live with their mistakes long after they have succumbed to a beer binge/cocaine induced coma (Bush).

So I ask you, why NOT “Stewart and Colbert 2008”? Sure it means alot of us are disgraced with our current administration, but it doesn’t mean that Jon and Stephen wouldn’t do a great job.

Honestly, we shouldn’t be searching for someone that can just “fuck up less” than Bush. Who can repair the damage he has done? A bunch of comedians, and I mean that in a very very good way, who are willing to say “I’m Sorry our last guy was such a dick, but we will make things right.” That’s who we need.

Oh well, it was just a pipe dream anyhow.

Good on ya Stephen and Jon!! Keep us laughing through the tears.



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