9 10 2006

Enjoy man, just sit back and enjoy.



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10 10 2006
10 10 2006

know any good apps to DL flash vids?

11 10 2006

firefox has a few extensions that might be helpful. “Download Helper” is a good one. The All In One MEdai browser is second. And third is the Video Downloader (That’s only good for youtube and google, which are kind of the same thing now.

The fun part is when you get to convert an FLV file to whatever format you need. Super is supposed to be a good app for that, but I haven’t had good luck with converting flv files with that. I had pretty good lick with CinemaForge (not free though) but worth a test run at least. Other than that you should be set.

11 10 2006

Funny you bring up FLV videos (YouTube, Google and others) because the other AIO (All-in-One) I was working on was just for this. Sadly, I should have released it at least a month or more ago if I wanted a bigger impact. 😉 Even still, I am going to release it (actual might be two – one Ultra and one Lite version?) since people are still seeking these types of tools all the time. Figured in are apps, tutorials, and conversion tools plus some extras. We’ll see if there is still a demand for this or not I guess. Only sorry someone asked this question first, so now I better get the damn thing finished and out quick. This is what I get for lagging months behind in my projects. 😛

– Azag

11 10 2006

Spark up the haze… 😛

12 10 2006

much respect TRDQ and Azag!

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