Get Your “All In One Anonymous Stealth Mega Proxy Pack 2006” by AZAG (Download)

9 10 2006

Azag, creator and sole owner of VXChaos server, has created the ULTIMATE Anonimity compilation of apps that has ever existed.

To Download it go here Anonymity and Proxy Tools and Lists , and Download the file that looks like this: AIO ANonimity Stealth Mega Pack 2006

Thie file is about 136mb and a but of a long DL but it is sooooo friggin worth it.

Here’s a description of the file in Azag “The Great” VXKing’s words.  (ok maybe a little too much fellating there):

There are about – 120 Tools + Extras!
This isn’t simply a rehash of all existing files, it is mostly new ones, so grab it and be suprised. This has more than the entire SECTION X 2.5!
[Note:] This is a real AIO. I was goign to be lazy and just make a RAR pack or SFXRAR, but actually used a good AIO making studio since it was more fun.­

All [apps] are antivirus tested and reports are within archive. Used 3 scanners minimum + tests filez more.

Most everything is clickable and not dangerous nothing will install on it’s own. It’s file browser friendly.

Please test and give some feed back. This took a while of testing and file finding, but I did it as much 4 me [as anyone]. I wanted this stuff handy­

Enjoy the FREEDOM fellow bored people!!!

Browse Free and Browse happy!!

PS: Please donate to Azag’s site, even though I don’t think he has a donate button.  Anyways, He needs and deserves the help.



7 responses

10 10 2006

Just hope others enjoy this package as much as I did compiling it. I ain’t the VXKing but thanks. Maybe in my dreams. 😉 I do appreciate the plug though. Just wanted to try my hand at some All-In-One packaging. I figured although I rarely feel the need to use proxies much myself they can be rather essential for those in places where people are always looking over their shoulder and trying to censor them or take away their rights to privacy. This is becoming the case even in the USA so make no mistake even if you don’t need tools like this now you may one day soon. Turns out there is actually closer to 160 proxy tools plus the extras links and infos since I either added some at the last minute or just made a rough guess based on memory. Either way still a lot of tools.

No I don’t have a donate button or method yet for such things but I appreciate the your thoughts. I am planning to put one up but I am looking for alternatives to PayPal since I hate them and don’t trust their poor business practices. At the same time I got to make sure if I use any such service that they are trust worthy and don’t screw people over like PayPal so often has. I am not looking to do much more than help paying for bandwidth and upgrade old equipment if I’m lucky.

The nice thing is that on closing the the AIO all the tools and everything in the Temp directory disappears so little if any trace evidence would be left behind on your HDD. Also the package is only decrypted at runtime. This would probably work nice on a USB flash drive (jump drive) but I can only guess since I don’t own one personally.

Just remember the tools in the collection are not mine, I just gathered them together. Thank the authors of those apps and tutorials (or anything else) if you use them and thank me if you want for throwing this thing together. Realize this is my very first AIO. Have fun and be safe. 🙂

– Azag

10 10 2006

Here are some screenshots:

AIO Anonymous Stealth Mega Proxy Pack 2006 – Main Screenshot
AIO Anonymous Stealth Mega Proxy Pack 2006 – Loading Screenshot

Feel free to download these and host them here if you want, it’ll save me a bit of bandwidth if you can.
Big thanks to therealdonquixote for all the on going support!
I didn’t get your new emblem banner on my site yet but I did put it in the UI. I will soon get to adding the banner to site. Just so you know I didn’t forget.:-)

Sorry about downloads taking so long.
Server is under heavy load. 😦

– Azag

27 11 2006


29 11 2006


30 11 2006


WTF does “fsrw” suppose to mean?!
Is this a real comment and if so translate it for me. 😛
Have you actually downloaded this and tried it?
I have yet to see to much negative criticism by people who have tried it but I don’t mind either way. I will say I think I spent more time in effort in this AIO release than most groups spend on 10 All-In-Ones of this sort. I made this for the people who really need it and not for myself or my ego and also because it was a fun project for me. I am sure this over the top name is overkill and sounds like some real ego stroking hyped shit but I did this in part to make a point about all the other ridiculous asshat named apps and AIO’s which always fall short of the mark on there names sake and only serve to hook a downloader until they realize the trumped up name is far from the truth. The difference with this AIO, I will say, is it really should live up to the hype since it has more tools than any proxy tool pack I have ever seen and I would bet money more than any other created up to the point of the release. Unlike most people just throwing shit together to sound and look cool I spent weeks testing any full apps myself and AV/AS scanned the hell out of each file for safety. I could have been a prick and kept this package private or sold it for cash on eBay or some such lame shit if I were a greedy asshole. Am I looking for a big pat on the back for it…no. Truthfully, I hate brown nosing ass kissers almost as much as I hate clowns who think it’s cool to act 1337 or be attention whores.

– Azag

30 11 2006

waaah the Cookie Monster stole them!

9 08 2007

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