Hastert Vows to Overcome Mark Foley Scandal (HA!)

6 10 2006

Hastert Vows to Overcome Scandal – New York Times

Here’s an excerpt:

J. Dennis Hastert, who was installed as House speaker eight years ago through backroom maneuvering in a moment of crisis for his party, has no distinct power base in Congress, not much of a national reputation and, in an age of television politics, little polish in front of the camera.


Without acknowledging any shortcomings by himself or his aides, Mr. Hastert said he took responsibility for the matter. But he seemed to concede that leaders in times of crisis could sometimes fall victim to perceptions as much as to any wrongdoing or bad judgments on their part.

“Any time that a person has to, as a leader, be on the hot seat and he is a detriment to the party, you know, there ought to be a change,” Mr. Hastert said, answering a question at the news conference about whether he had become a drag on Republican election prospects. “I became speaker in a situation like that.”

Mr. Hastert got his job in 1998 after the party’s first choice to replace Newt Gingrich, Robert Livingston of Louisiana, pulled out at the last minute amid revelations about an extramarital affair. Since then, Mr. Hastert has endured a number of crises, in part by staying more in the background while higher-profile colleagues, particularly his one-time sponsor, Tom DeLay, plunged into the partisan fray.

Mr. Hastert, you are most certainly going to become a “casualty” of the Foley scandal. YOU WILL BE TAKEN DOWN IF YOU WILL NOT STEP DOWN.

In a time of crisis you were positioned in your seat of power, you have done NOTHING since then but do everything to keep your seat. Standing idle as our country goes ever deeper into a dictatorship is no way to win notoriaty. Allowing a congressman from your party to sexually harass (statutory or not) minors that have been brought into YOUR page program will now win you INFAMY.

Step down Mr. Hastert. Step down NOW.




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