EFF Sues FBI Over Interception Tools (PDF Download)

6 10 2006

EFF Sues FBI Over Interception Tools [via] Passivemode Network Security
All credit on this find goes to Passivemode:

FBI Withholds Records on Tools to Intercept Personal Communications

Washington, D.C. – The FLAG Project at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed its first lawsuit against the Department of Justice Tuesday after the FBI failed to respond to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for records concerning DCS-3000 and Red Hook — tools the FBI has spent millions of dollars developing for electronic surveillance.

If you click HERE you will read this:

System DCS-3000. The FBI has spent nearly $10 million on this system. The FBI developed the system as an interim solution to intercept personal communications services delivered via emerging digital technologies used by wireless carriers in advance of any CALEA solutions being deployed. Law enforcement continues to utilize this technology as carriers continue to introduce new features and services.

All other information has been “redacted”. Meaning we don’t get to know how our $10mil in tax dollars was spent.

The EFF is fighting to get information on both DCS-3000 and Red Hook. Here’s the PDF of the FOIA suit that the EFF is suing the DOJ on.


These are just the little projects. They are nothing compared to the Echelon project that monitors everything you put on the web. Echelon has even tagged this blog!! Color me not surprised. (Note the page in my upper nav bar)
Here’s my question, with all this high tech spying and invasion of privacy, what has the FBI and or CIA found? How am I, and my family, safer for your efforts? Enlighten the public as to how many potential national threats, or terrorist plots, that you have foiled with these projects? I won’t hold my breath.

I’ll answer for you Mr and Mrs FBI/CIA. You aren’t concerned with terrorist plots anymore. Maybe you never were. After 9/11 the operation was not to keep America safe, it was to keep America united under GOP with tyranny and OIL for the rich. Your puppet masters have you doing their dirty work so that they can blame YOU when the shit goes down. Rove, Plame Blamorama anyone?

So I ask you, the average FBI and CIA operative, is it worth it? Is it worth selling out your countrymen to “save” your country? Is it worth your soul to get the powers that be just a tad more padding in their pockets?

If I am wrong, then please, enlighten me as to the great work you’re doing to save me with my money.

Comments are more than welcome and never censored (Except comments that call for physical violence, I will not allow that on this blog, I am a pacifist)


Thanks EFF. Keep fighting for us and we will keep supporting you. If you need anything, you know where to find me.



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