Wild Bill, aka William Kerr of pASSionate Amercia, Say Hello to your Home Address and Phone Number

5 10 2006

If you have any questions, read these first:

Blogger Releases All Personal Information On One of the Foley Molestees

Wild Bill, aka William Kerr of pASSionate Amercia, Is Running Scared!! (We Found Your Son Wild Bill) « TheMostBoringBlogInTheWorld

Thanks to a tip from a reader we got Wild Bill’s home address.

William Kerr
1133 Live Oak Dr
Oklahoma City, OK 73110-1307
(405) 737-3881

So that’s it William, you Brandon, your wife… Everything is out now. I warned you. I told you that if you didn’t take that shit down and apologize to the Foley Victims that you would reap the whirlwind. It was a poor choice to not listen.

As for myself I will say this.

The next time an adult who was molested or harassed as a child wants to come forward they will see Wild Bill’s post. They will think more than twice. They may not come forward at all. The next time some asshole thinks its ok to post the name and picture of a person who is has been sexually harassed or molested as a child they will see these posts. They will think more than twice. Hopefully THEY will not POST at all.

Its time to start fighting their fight America. Don’t think that getting to the polls is enough. Don’t for one minute think that the process is “fair and balanced”. Don’t believe their lies and mudslinging. Don’t take this sitting down, or even standing up voting. Its time to TAKE OUR COUNRY BACK America.

To quote Malcolm X “By any means neccesary.”



6 responses

5 10 2006
Charlotte Kerr

Hopefully my husband will think twice about doing that the next time, the dumb fuck!

5 10 2006

(edited bcause I am a pacifist)

5 10 2006

angry hippie – coment edited by admin.

5 10 2006

*clapping hands with pride*

6 10 2006

Ring Ring….

Hey Charlotte, we love you long time.

6 10 2006

pathetic editing. it was a joke. I thought your site liked jokes.

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