Wild Bill, aka William Kerr of pASSionate Amercia, Is Running Scared!! (We Found Your Son Wild Bill)

5 10 2006

If you bothered to check today, pASSionate America has taken down its comments.


I turned the comment off because someone is trying to bring one of my children into this. My son is a MINOR unlike XXX XXX.

I didn’t post it. William Kerr’s child’s info. But lets see who did…

This is all via http://mlmliberal.blogspot.com :

This blogger does not like having to post something like this, but it only serves to bring the message home.

[Edited By TRDQ Because I don’t fucking care anymore]

The same William Kerr who set back the efforts of my co-workers in law enforcement yesterday by revealing the identity of one of the former Congressional pages who was preyed upon by former Congressman Mark Foley.

This blogger wasn’t expecting to find this information when doing a Google search on “Compassionate America.” But I did.

I work with some of the state’s best investigators and officers. What William Kerr did in one fell swoop was jeopardize the work of these investigators, along with those on the local level, who are determined to find child sexual predators and get them off our streets. The Xenia and Westerville police departments here in Ohio are notable for their capture of such predators.

Now, thanks to William Kerr, no child is as safe as he or she was yesterday. Not even his own flesh and blood.

Note: mlmliberal supported me in my efforts to find info on Wild Bill et al.

I think its high time we start playing the neocon game of shit slinging and terrorizing our opponents. Shal We??

BTW – Bill, Your Comments PAGE isn’t taken down. Just the link to it on your shite.


Wild Bill, I told you that you were on notice didn’t I? I told you that I wouldn’t hack you but someone would. But did you listen??? NO.

Now you son is involved BILL!!! Which I think is a bit creepy, but reap the whirlwind FUCKER!!!

Feel free to contact William Kerr aka Wild Bill (pictured below w/self description) via IM or email:


William Kerr

(I’m Wild Bill you got a problem with that?)

Besides being the author of Passionate America and Blogger Birthdays I am a married father of 2 boys. I live in Moore, Oklahoma—just south of Oklahoma City. I was a stay-at-home dad for 2 years, a professional car audio and home audio/video installer for 11 years, spent a short time in the Navy, and I am currently employed and working toward a career in Talk Radio–if you are in need of a loud mouth know it all host, board operator, or bathroom attendant at your radio station email me. Politically I am a hard core conservative, usually a Republican, with Libertarian like tendencies, but I am willing to admit that Republicans can do and say some really stupid crap sometimes (Democrats almost always do and say stupid crap.) I am an excellent cook, an award winning chili champion, and a Weber Grill Master (I made that last part up.) I’ve been told I should be a stand up comedian, but sometimes I’m just too moody to be funny. Other times I’m so funny I laugh at my own jokes. I have the attention span of a…what was I writing about? If asked to describe myself with one word it would be Passionate, hence the name of this website.

use the same prefix to IM him via yahoo.

BIG shout out to MLMLiberal for the info.

You’re lucky that I feel compassion for your child bill. I edited out his name and face. But Don’t think that means I’m not pissed as all hell.



23 responses

5 10 2006
5 10 2006

I ask you this Bill: “How can anything you’ve done on your blog (pertaining to this issue of outing a victim) be considered ‘passionate?’ Can’t you just be honest that you would rather shill for your party than care for the well being of molestation victim? Would you put the well-being of your precious Republican party above the well-being of your son if he had been a victim? I suggest you get some perspective and start being an American first and a Republican second. I know you have it in you; everyone does.”

5 10 2006

I concur with angry hippie. William, you put politics before people. You are a bad bad man.

5 10 2006
Blogger Releases All Personal Information On One of the Foley Molestees « TheMostBoringBlogInTheWorld

[…] Wild Bill, aka William Kerr of pASSionate Amercia, Is Running Scared!! (We Found Your Son Wild Bill) […]

5 10 2006

Wild Bill, what exactly are you passionate about? being an idiot? I think talk radio is all filled up in that category.

5 10 2006

Okay, so let me get this straight. You’re posting the picture of somebody’s CHILD in an orthogonal response to his carefully-sourced “outing” of an adult? And you wonder why you guys continue to be marginalized.

5 10 2006

Please tell my dad to stop putting me in danger. thankx you.

my dad he left up our address right here (http://www.haloscan.com/comments/passionateamerica2/115996317940733096/#49421). the only thing that’ wrong is we live in midwest city, ok. i found this information by clicking onthe comments link on his blog, and it was right there. i got my friend at anotherasshole.com to help me find it and after 40 days and 40 night, we found this link that my dad said had been deleted only it haddn’t been. it was already out their on the internet for anyone too find, so i didn’t do anything wrong. did you see my mom’s name? it’s charlotte. hi mom! i like your blog. I may link to it.

son of Wild Bill of Passionate America
karma is a skanky bitch

5 10 2006

Maverick, please be more informed before you make those assumptions…the Foley victim WAS NOT AN ADULT when all this happened.

5 10 2006

The latest right-wing spin/lie is that the Foley victim was over 18, when in fact, he was 16 and continued communication past his 18th birthday. Accuracy means nothing to these scum. WMD’s don’t matter, age doesn’t matter, etc… The ends alwasy justify the means to these scum

5 10 2006

Over/under 18 (16+ is consent in DC, by the way) — exactly where are those facts? Look, I’m not defending anybody’s actions here — let’s get that straight.

I just find it utterly reprehensible that ANYONE would delight in exposing somebody’s child as a matter of “revenge”. Gutless, pussy-move reserved for those who don’t have the cohones to go after the actual target.

5 10 2006
Chris Lewis

Fucking stupid. I left a comment for that jackass Wild Bill about him ousting that page but now you get one too.

Its terrible that he posted that information about the page on his site. Fucking sick really. However for you to go and post info about his son is fucking sick as well. This is on the same level as what he had done and really begs the question now of what moral right do you have to say anything now?

5 10 2006
MLM Liberal

Before you place the full blame on this blog, go here:


5 10 2006

@ Chris
1 -If you read the article you know that I DIDN’T post this info first. That doesn’t make it morally right, but its out there, endagering his own child and he persists in keeping the Foley Victim post up.
2 -You read the comments then? The Haoloscan from pA$$ionate America’s shite. So you know that I warned William several times.
3 -The next time an adult who was molested or harassed as a child wants to come forward they will see Wild Bill’s post. They will think more than twice. They may not come forward at all. The next time some asshole thinks its ok to post the name and picture of a person who is has been sexually harassed or molested as a child they will see these posts. They will think more than twice. Hopefully THEY will not POST at all.

Thanks for your comments chris, but your lack of compassion for child molestation/harassment victims is disgusting. I bet you think you’re a Democrat. You’re nothing Chris. You’re just another voter about to prass some tampered buttons on a Florida voting machine, hoping that the process will take you to the land of milk and honey. Commenting is not enough. Voting is not enough. If you want to win back the America, then you must be a man of action.

sorry no time to spell check

5 10 2006
Wild Bill, aka William Kerr of pASSionate Amercia, Say Hello to your Home Address and Phone Number « TheMostBoringBlogInTheWorld

[…] Our Hot Posts Passionate America (of recent Foley Scandal Fame) RUN BY REPUBLICANS!!!Wild Bill, aka William Kerr of pASSionate Amercia, Is Running Scared!! (We Found Your Son Wild Bill)Blogger Releases All Personal Information On One of the Foley MolesteesHuge Collection Of Hack Tutorial Videos – DownloadHuge Collection Of Hack Tutorial Videos – Download Here (Rapidshare URLS) […]

5 10 2006
The Big D

Posting the pic of a child is not acceptable under any circumstances. Saying someone did it first …..no excuse. It’s not his fault his Dad is a jerk. Please pull the pic. Who knows what sick wierdo may read your web in OK? Please rethink this.

6 10 2006
ForGawd's Sake

“I just find it utterly reprehensible that ANYONE would delight in exposing somebody’s child as a matter of “revenge””

That’s what Wild Bill did and his excuse was it’s available on the internet. I do NOT agree with what has happened in regards to his own child however…technically it’s available on the internet and he KNEW that and he should’ve thought of that before he erroneously posted someone’s personal information – without waiting for comformation because he had such a hard on to be the first – , contacting the press at the same time (they didn’t find him, HE told them about it) to show what a big man he was, when this page had NOT been saying anything about Foley.

The person he “outted” has not solicited publicity like Wild Bill has (I’m gonna be on TV yee haw!!!!) the page (or whoever passed on the IM’s on his behalf) was just backing up the first story on the emails. You know like when one victim of a Catholic Priest/Rapist/Non Religious Molester says they’re molested and then others come out and speak up?

Wild Bill is saying this guy should have shut his mouth about being sent sexual IM’s by Mark Foley and that’s UNACCEPTABLE! He’ll say he’s not but if he really considered the people chased by Foley he wouldn’t be plastering their info and pictures all over the net while contacting the media saying “look what I found!” would he?

How can Wild Bill say Foley is a scumbag while also saying the youngsters deserved it? Foley was over 30 YEARS older than them. Foley has got far more life experience than them. NOBODY can force you to sexually advance on someone no matter what they throw at you. And I’m not saying any of these pages threw stuff at Foley, that’s what Wild Bill surmised.

Tell me you didn’t do anything stupid when you were 16/17. Tell me when someone 30 odd years older than you came on to you that you told them to get the hell away from you and you contacted the authorities. Tell me that you haven’t tried to take the piss out of someone coming on to you and change the subject to something normal ( I STILL have to do that now and I’m 38) to get OUT of someone coming on to you while still trying to keep the peace and keep your job?

You gotta remember these pages are politically inclined, they WANT to work for their country, SOME of them think if they can humour a congressman to get the job they want WITHOUT doing him they will and they won’t complain, and I’m sure they don’t complain because they feel they won’t be believed. It’s the same in any office, any job where the superior comes on to the subordinate.

Luckily there are youngsters that won’t put up with this crap and being told it’s “the norm” and they speak out. Sadly there’s people out there going “Well I was horny at that age, what’s the big deal?” thinking their low morals of allowing an elder to verbally and physically molest them should be accepted by everyone.

I’m sure you’ll (this is a general YOU to all that think Foley did no wrong and the pages deserved it because they turned up for work so it’s their own fault that they got hit on) continue this thought when someone 30 years older than your son/daughter hits on them when they’re in the vocation they choose.

“Hell, don’t worry that’s par for the course, suck it up!”

6 10 2006
ForGawd's Sake

I gotta say, that photo of Wild Bill’s son is really photochopped.

It must be the real thing because WB complained….but I don’t believe it’s the “real” real thing. Just his head. Poor Kid, you’re so gonna kick his arse when you grow up for putting you through this.

7 10 2006
Chris Lewis

No you didn’t post it first. You reposted it on your site however. Whether or not you warned him is really irrelevant. Everyone realized he was a scumbag for doing what he did but now you have merely sank to the same level.

8 10 2006

I was disgusted when I heard what Bill Kerr had done. I am even more disgusted by this. Bringing children into it is sick. I always scoffed when I heard the wingnuts talking about the ‘fever swamp’ of the leftwing blogosphere. Now, I think they may have a point – and I hate agreeing with wingnuts. Yes, the right-wing blogosphere is probably worse in the aggregate, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to behave as morally reprehensibly as they do, even for revenge. Hell, make that ‘especially for revenge’, for when you do that, you become just as bad as that which you are attempting to condemn.

8 10 2006

I’m not trying to exact revenge. I’m not even trying to garner more traffic (notice I have no ads). I think that SOMEONE needs to beat these bastards to the wall at there own game.

I want to win.

You know when Batman would finally catch up with a bad guy and he had his chance to beat the living hell out of the criminal, but he never did? I always hated that. He should hae rightfully pummle those bastards. In fact he should have killed them, but he didn’t want to stoop to their level. Sure, Those bad guys were arrested, but they’d be back in another couple of issues klling orphans for fun.

I don’t want to be the hero. I don’t give flying goose about notoriaty. I don’t even care about proper grammer or spelling. I WANT TO TAKE BACK AMERICA.


So go ahead sheeple. Folow the ‘rules’. Use passive resistance. Be America’s Martin Luther King. Because I’ll be standing behind you with a big stick playing the part of Malcolm X, scaring the shit out of the opposition.

4 05 2007
Wild Bill

So you honestly think you scared me? Bring it on moonbat! This is one of the most asshat posts against me I have ever read. Do you honestly believe your own horseshit?

1. You give out an email address I have never used. My real email address is PassionateAmerica@gmail.com.
2. I live in Moore Oklahoma, I used to live in Midwest City.
3. Where do you get the idea I am defending Foley? Did you just pull that out of your ass like all the other bullshit on this post.
4. My wife is not named Charlotte.
5. The FBI talked to Jordan Edmund and found that absolutely no crime occurred.
6. Jordan Edmund was an adult when the instant messages happened.
7. Jordan Edmund told the FBI nothing sexual happened.
8. What did my son have to do with this?

You sure do feel safe in your mother’s basement. Bring your ass to Oklahoma if you have the balls. I’ll meet you anytime on any day you would like. Oh and bring your stick so I can break it over your dumb fucking head.

4 05 2007

Guys am Bill’s friend Lummpy. How can you point your finger at Bill? When all of us have done things, we should or could have not done. Am no angle myself and am not saying Bill is one. What am saying is what he did, Bill believes he did the right thing. Lets say it was wrong, which I do believe Bill is in the right by the way. But what you guys have done is just as wrong. Am not telling how to run your blog am not that kind of person. What am saying if you have a issue with Bills post then go about it the right way. By pressing your believes and thoughts on the subject. Do not try to get to him by his son. Be better then that alright. Good lets talk this out the right way.

4 05 2007

@Bill & Lummpy
Bit late guys, this thing was over a long time ago. Notice how I took your kid’s pic down?? It up there where I said I don’t give a crap anymore.

Nice try at the comeback though, even if it is almost a year later…

Move on, its over.

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