Did Compassionate America blogger William Kerr commit a crime in the outing of a victim of a sexual offense?

5 10 2006

all credit to MLM Liberal: Did Compassionate America blogger William Kerr commit a crime in the outing of a victim of a sexual offense?

That is the question for which I have sought assistance from the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Investigative Unit to get an answer.

My first meeting with investigators was this afternoon, one of whom just heard Rush Limbaugh discuss the outed former Congressional page who received sexually explicit online messages from former Congressman Tom Foley (Republican from Florida). The page was outed by Kerr yesterday, and Limbaugh, Drudge and numerous ultraconservative bloggers have been bantering the page’s name about cyberspace.

The investigators will be poring through my blog as well as Mr. Kerr’s. They are aware I am the original person who posted the photo of Mr. Kerr’s son Brandon. They are also aware I left a one-line message at Mr. Kerr’s blog about the picture being posted. And according to his posting today, Mr. Kerr is starting to experience what the page must be dealing with right now.

Under no circumstances would I wish any harm on anyone. That was not the purpose of posting the photo. As stated in the post below this one, children and adults who are victims of sex crimes will be less likely to come forward if there is the possibility their identity will be revealed. In turn, this impedes the efforts of law-enforcement agencies such as my employer, the Ohio Department of Public Safety, from tracking and apprehending sexual predators.

My short answer is yes.  William Kerr is a criminal amd should be brought to justice.

As for MLMLiberal, You got it right on man.  Be secret.  Be safe.



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15 06 2012

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