Offers Faster Torrent Downloads, Even With Your PC OFF!!

4 10 2006

:: Torrent Get

This site offers faster torrent downloads while you aren’t even on your PC, but they want you to pay for it?!?

Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

About us
Ever wanted to download torrents faster ?Hate slow public trackers or want to boost your ratio on a specific site ?

Torrent get is your answer

We use dedicated servers ranging from 10mbit – gigabit servers

No waiting times
No speed limits
No upload/download limits

The only limits you have are the number of torrents you can download at once and the amount of hard disk space you have allocated

We only have one plan at this time for a custom please email

Plan 1 includes
20gb Storage
10 active torrents max
No upload/download limits
$20 USD Per Month

I mean no offense, but these guys want people to PAY for something they can download for free??  This makes no sense to me.  In fact it seems to go against everything that BT is all about.  Free, serverless, filesharing.  This adds a server (that can be easily tracked to YOU) and then wants money from you (which makes you even more accountable).  I fail to see the helpfulness of this service, beyond the convenience factor (which would just make me feel UBER lazy).

Anyone disagree?  Please comment, cause I’m all confused.



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10 10 2006

hey i google every now and then to find things like this

It wasnt designed for people who want to download torrents its designed for people that are registered on the GOOD torrent sites where you need to have a good ratio or you get banned eg Upload more than you download or atleast equal

Its perfectly fine in my opinion to allow people to upload at BLAZING fast speeds for a price

Torrent-Get admin

10 10 2006

@ g4v1n
So essentially this is if you want to stay in the good graces of the privat torrent trackers. Sounds ok. Do you remember a thing called hotline or something like that. It was essentially the same thing with the “Good, P2P, file sharing, register only if you kewl” sort of usenet/newsgroup thing. I remember having to jump through all kinds of hoops to “get in” with the kewl kids on the back fo the bus. Man that was a pain, but I had a MAC and it was in the G3 days so it was a necessary evil. Now not so much.

Question, how private are your servers? To what lengths will you go to, in order to protect your customers? I think that is the most important aspect of any pay P2P service (or service of a service in your case).

Take care. Good luck with the start up.

11 10 2006

Question, how private are your servers? To what lengths will you go to, in order to protect your customers? I think that is the most important aspect of any pay P2P service (or service of a service in your case).

Allright well we modded it so users cant see each others torrents

Now we dont monitor users direcotry’s but if we get a serious amount of complaints we remove the file(s)

And also thanks for wishing me luck we have recieved quite a few signups allready =]

11 10 2006

Also just a note

We dont encourage breaking copyright laws with our service but im sure there are a few people that are doing it

its hard to check because we have 11 servers now we dont have time to go through each users directory

14 10 2006

Man get Linux its not on the desktop market yet, those people wont evn try to stop you. They don’t even try.

14 10 2006

@ David
Question, who are “these people”? Just wondering because I’m a bit confused. Sorry.

15 10 2006


20 11 2006

have many satisfied customers ?

cockmuncher ;P

22 11 2006


25 11 2006

What’s the URL? I can’t access the site – it gives that page not found thing

15 06 2012

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