4 10 2006

All credit goes to – Desperate Times, Desperate Measures – Wonkette

You are not going to fucking believe this:


Fox News finally came up with a way to spin the whole “Republican congressman loves to screw little boys” scandal … what if all this time he was secretly a Democrat?

It’s about as credible as the “closet drinker” bullshit!


FOX Uses Subliminal Ploy On Foley Head Shot [News Hounds]

READ MORE: fox news, mark foley, midterms, pagefuckergate, scandal, sex

That is the whole post in its entirety.

I cannot believe this shit.  Fox news is so going down.  I wish I knew those hackers that got into the Hezbollah TV feed…



6 responses

4 10 2006

not frickin surprising! V for Vendetta!

4 10 2006

Oh, but he was abused as a teenager. And he’s an alcoholic. And he admitted he was gay. It’s okay now. FUCKING PATHETIC! At what point does your average Joe Republican say that enough is enough – I’m not going to spin a pedophile case for the sake of my party?

4 10 2006
The Big D

I am beyond disgusted with Fox….I just can’t believe people watch them.

7 10 2006
Joe Kirk

Thank you for providing coverage of this latest Orwellian misrepresentation by our Ministry of Truth, Faux News. It will be interesting to see if CNN does a segment on this affair on its Sunday morning show Reliable Sources. When I cordially called the Fox newsroom of our local affliate I was hung up on. Doesn’t anyone remember that a Bush cousin news director was the first to announce Florida for Gore in 2000? The irony of this befalling our proto-fascists so fond of turning homophobia into a voter turnout generator is almost incredible. If Foley had been an authentic gay man he wouldn’t even be in Congress as a Republican. Television cherry-picks like when the American flag was affixed to the head of the Saddam statue and promptly removed before its assisted toppling. That film footage went scarce and undiscussed. That’s liberation for ya.

7 10 2006
Joe Kirk

My bad. The Fox news director/Bush relative of course announced Florida for Bush. Apologies.

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