US Labor Board to Answer ‘Who Is a Supervisor?’ (possible ban on unions)

3 10 2006

NPR : Labor Board to Answer ‘Who Is a Supervisor?’

Watch on as America reverses time…

The National Labor Relations Board is expected to issue a decision Tuesday that could have a big impact in American workplaces. At stake: Who is a supervisor? Labor activists are prepared for a definition that could strip workers of legal protections, including the right to join a union.

Soon they’ll have the strike breakers out and Jimi Hoffa will rise from…wherever the hell he is buried to save the day.

This both sucks and blows at the same time.  What is happening to the America that our parents and grandparents fought for?  Why aren’t we (America’s Disenfranchised youth) fighting this kind of crap?

Because we feel powerless to do anything.  Its a New World Order for America and we just want to be happy, but every corner you turn around you see a new Stalinist/Maoist dictator trying to take you down (figuratively speaking of course).  Its that simple, we’re afraid.  In the sixties and seventies people thought, “Oh our own government would never detain an American citizen indefinitely for no reason whatsoever”.  Now we don’t have that luxury.  The new detainee act has firmly placed us all under a dictatorship where any dissent could easily be punished with life in prison and torture.  I can only say one thing, what about our kids and possible grandchildren?
I wish their was some way to rally America’s youth to fight (and I mean fight like Malcolm X “By Any Means Neccesary” kind of fight) this kind of NeoMcCarthyiest Dictatorial EVIL that Bush’s administration has foisted upon us in the guise of protecting America, Without Liberty, Under Their False God, FOREVER! Ah-fucking-men.

Side Note: The Politics of fear seem to work quite well, maybe too well to overlook (Eye for an Eye?  Fire with Fire?). Fear can be a great motivator, but how does one strike fear into the hearts of those that hold all the power?  Perhaps with good old fashioned reckless abondone?  Perhaps with a leader (a revolutionary not a political POS) that will guide us to taking back America?  I dunno.

How much more are we willing to take?  Its time to start shitting on the White House lawn.  Its time to start standing in front of tanks.  Its time to put our lives on the line so that our children can grow up in a free country like we did.

I just wish I knew where to start.  So far all I can do is blog.  But I feel that this isn’t enough.  At the same time I selfishly guard my job and my lifestyle from all this crap by not intervening in any other way but blogging.  I feel shame for that, but I just can’t jeopardize what my fiance and myself have worked so hard to achieve.  I am at a loss.  And frankly I am scared.
Any thoughts or help would be much appreciatred.



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3 10 2006

After 9/11 I wanted all of Washington fired. They have failed to protect the American people in every possible way yet not one person lost their job. We no longer live in a Democracy when we only have two candidates to choose from and they are both picked for us. One is as corrupt as the other. Washington is for sale to the highest bidder. Our jobs ,heath insurance, pensions and future are going to Communist China, who will bury us economically. Our borders are left open on purpose to give our greedy corporations cheap, benefit free labor. When are the American people going to wise up to these crooks and finally do something?

3 10 2006
The Big D

Wow stymie 222 and DonQ well said. I’m thinking….what to do? Get involved in party politics? Get involved in the union? Write letters to the editors? I live in a small college town and it is the white haired old people who get out rain or shine with thier placards protesting the war etc. I think all the rest of us are too busy working our derrieres off to stay afloat. Still thinking about what to do….. you’ve energized me.

3 10 2006

This has me energized too. Tell me- Why if this government is so hell bent on destroying the middle class that the middle class keeps sending their children to die for them? If no one will fight their wars they will have to institute the draft. NOW the corporations will have to send THEIR kids to die for Democracy- Yeah like that will ever happen.

4 10 2006

I wish I had an answer. I wish I would get up and fight. To tell you all the truth, I’m scared. I don’t want to lose my job. I don’t want to be thrown in prison and tortured. On the other hand I don’t want my children growing up in this mess as it is.

It breaks my heart to see the country going the way it is going. But I am too much of a coward to do anything but “blog the revolution” (as if there weren’t enough of us bloggers out there).

Anyone got any answers? A free link to whomever has somewhere I can direct people that will actually make a difference (ie protests, etc etc). A central hub of sedition.

4 10 2006

Hey Big D… I’ll bet you’re really hot. Hit me up sometime if you wanna hang out!

4 10 2006

d00d, that’s my mom!! Weirdo.

5 01 2007

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16 10 2011

this usually gets me all stressed out so i masterbate and feel a lot better and take a nap.. rise repeat each soul sucking day until i die

-most of america

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