29 09 2006

I didn’t know he had gotten a first one?!?!  WTF!!!

If you didn’t know Keith olberman is perhaps THE most outspoken media personality on how much Bill O’Reilly, George Bush, and Fox News sucks ass.

He was one of the first to wholly criticize the Clintaon interview asshatery this past month, and constantly calls O’Reilly out on his faggotry.

So what do republicans do?  They terrorise him with Anthrax scares and death threats, in place of healthy debate to try and prove Keith is wrong.  Why? Because they can’t win a debate.  They’re morons with guns.  Political and social bullies.

Well if I leanred anything growing up, giving in to a bully only ensures that he or she will torture you the next day at school.  You have to stand up to them.  Call them out.  Meet them behind the schoolyard after 3 and either take a whoopin or dish one out.  NEVER NEVER give up.  Always keep fighting.  After a few bloody battles (no weapons involved children) the bullies almost always give it up.

The ones that don’t, well those are the ones you have to kill.



3 responses

29 09 2006

Olberman has some serious balls. We all need to support him. I can’t believe some right-wing freak actually did this to him. They just can’t tolerate warranted dissent. This link shows the aspirations of anyone that still think Bush is doing the right thing.

30 09 2006

ditto, angryhippie. ditto….

15 06 2012

Only wanna input on few general things, The website design is perfect, the subject matter is real great. “The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others.” by Sonya Friedman.

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