Katie’s Revenge Tatoo Makes Child Molester and Killer a Marked Man

29 09 2006

Tattoo in prison makes molester a marked man | IndyStar.com

Fuck this guy. As far as I’m concerned they should toss him back in general population.

Looky what we have heah!


CARLISLE, Ind. — An inmate serving life in prison for molesting and killing 10-year-old Katie Collman is now the subject of an investigation into how he ended up with the tattoo “Katie’s Revenge” emblazoned across his forehead.

The Indiana Department of Correction placed Anthony Ray Stockelman, 39, in protective custody away from the general inmate population last weekend after authorities discovered the tattoo, said Rich Larsen, a spokesman for the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. It is about 30 miles south of Terre Haute.

An internal investigation is under way to determine how the tattoo, which covers Stockelman’s entire forehead, got there, Larsen said Wednesday. He refused to comment on what Stockelman has said about it or what investigators have learned.

A message seeking additional comment left Thursday for a DOC representative was not immediately returned.

Stockelman was sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to abducting, molesting and killing Katlyn “Katie” Collman. The Crothersville girl was missing for five days before her body was found Jan. 30, 2005, in a creek about 15 miles from her Southern Indiana home.

Although prison officials did not comment on how Stockelman got the tattoo, Collman’s father, John Neace, believes it was the work of inmates.

“If I had to guess, I’d say it’s a statement from the inmates,” he said Wednesday.

Neace said he heard about the tattoo from friends and has no idea if his late daughter’s distant cousin, who also is serving time at Wabash, played any role.

Tattoos are against state prison regulations.

Aaaaaaaaah!!!  Tattoos are against prison regulations!?!?!  What are they gonna do?  He’s got LIFE in prison!  ROFL

Fuck that guy.  There’s a reason why even in prisons no one likes a child molester.



14 responses

20 03 2008

cool serves him right

20 03 2008

I sure hope that the inmates are not done “tatooing” him.
I personally would like to do it with a big rock and a rusty nail.

20 03 2008

that’s one way to do it i guess….

let him burn.

24 03 2008

It’s not very well made, but fuck it.. Hope he gets tattooed in the asshole by a big black cock every day.

2 06 2008
another Katie

Ha! Serves him right!

10 10 2008
Mustafa Krapp

This is a sign of prison justice at its best. I for one would like to see all these kind of animals serve the rest of their lives in prison. This situation is one example. Execution is the easy way out.

15 01 2009

I’m sure he got gang raped as well. Typically in prison child molesters are the recreation time for most violent offenders.

20 01 2009
kobra puke

fuck that . old enough to pee, old enough for me
rape shit kill shit fuck the world to death

16 07 2010

fuck you pervert muther fucker

15 03 2009

ya fuckem but the world creates molesters and you gotta think that maybe if you gave this person a little attention i meen very little. things wouldnt have gotten so deadly. its poison that you feed him.

6 06 2010

That’s the most retarted thing someone could say about this story. I was molested, and I was picked on as a kid, but there’s no way I could ever put someone else through the pain I’ve gone through. This guy has no excuse, and he deserves to die the slow and painful way… Maybe all the ass raping will let him know how it feels.

5 09 2009
Amber Janes

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6 06 2010

Incidentally the person that molested me works for the Grand Rapids Police Department in Grand Rapids Michigan, he’s a head electrician for the jail there. David Joe Uhrbrock. It seems like if you are a public servant you should have to go through some sort of mental competent testing?

15 06 2012

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