WE HAVE Java Anon Proxy!11!!!!1!1!! (Download)

28 09 2006

Thanks to a comment from SCRIPT (HERE):

Java Anon Proxy
Download here –


Everything I’ve read about this app says its the most amazing thing since silicone boobs.

Enjoy, and big thanks to script.



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7 10 2006

A few but not all the reasons I don’t trust JAP – Java Anon Proxy or JAP Team even if it is not their own fault. I have followed this since before the info about it came out in 2003 but have some other sources that say this is not so secure and have been digging the info back up again recently as privacy has been a bigger issue for people in the world now and can mean life or death or prison in the wrong place (*or country) or time. This is not something that just serves criminals it serves peoples basic human rights to freedom of expression without repercussions as it should be even when it is not or it is illegal to think or safe anything but praise in kissing ass to one’s native homeland just to stay alive. Almost begs the question, “Who Watches the Watchmen?” Ironically this is, also a title of an old graphic novel of the same name.

But anyhow here is the link:

Net anonymity service back-doored

Yes this is really old news but what does it have to do with now you ask well think upon the recent Tor fiasco when they raided a few servers. Think this is just an accident. And where did this happen. And who’s laws just got torqued down even more recently…well besides UK and soon to be here if we don’t get off our complacent American asses and speak up or go nuts if they propose such bills for us as well as they already have been doing while most of this country is asleep at the wheel. I am not trying to come down on Germany or the creative geniuses behind JAP or Tor or University students of Dresden or any other prestigious school. I am just saying the cat is out of the bag and we have to work hard to get around it since ‘Big Bro’ in any country especially our “hot linked” (ECHELON) allies we are just as helpless to let this happen to us if we don’t use more underground old school or new tech measures of stealth and stay under the very real radar of our overseers. I think a combination of new and old techniques although they are limited would foil the surveillance of all of them as long as we keep changing up usage and don’t do things patterned. This can be as simple as one or two tools and as elaborate as anyone wants it to be assuming say a chained proxy request doesn’t time out with extra overhead of stripping and spoofing sh*t and tunneling. Personally I would just stray away from US, UK, German, Aussie, and a few other proxy nodes unless they are chained in the middle of a proxy sandwich and I’d only do so with my own crypto or without some blind behind the nodes crypto done under survey. Thanks but no thanks. Open sources or not is not the issue and it’s not the drivers of the servers I don’t trust so much as it’s the backseat driver that NO ONE invited in whom ever attempts to eavesdrop on it’s citizenry. This is just as much as an American problem as a EU problem and we are all being dragged down by what past administrations initiated many years ago but now have the sear power to use. Storage is now very very cheap and so is computing power for the dollar and bandwidth of course was never an issue of payment or affordable for a gov’t afaik at least when concerning the countries I mention. They could now log as many packets as you or I send and receive if they wish with ease and have the means to do so. Welcome to the machine.
Alright, by the way, best of luck with using JAP I just wanted to give you fair warning that it’s not the be all end all of privacy tools. I have been amassing a collection of tested tools some better than others some work good stand-alone and others are even more powerful when used in the right combos for a rather extreme attempt at privacy but finally I am releasing a decent AIO (All In One)with a broad range approach for privacy and proxy tool collection for beginners to somewhat advanced and ways of testing the strengths and weaknesses of those same tools and what they may or may not reveal at the other end or at least in theory. So in about five or ten minutes – therealdonquixote – you and others can feel free to try out my compilation of other peoples tools. This is a beta sorta of AIO but well tested except sound since I have no darn sound card so I can only see if the sound tried to launch not whether it worked lol but this should not take away any from the tools within. I anti-virus tested and tested and installed many many of these myself save for a few open source which I trust work as people say. All seemed to go pretty well. I got sick of seeing really crappy AIO releases full of repeats of the same shit over and over with mostly olds ass content and full of backdoors and trojans to fuck with the rest of the community. I can’t say what they’re point was but I would rather release my own than host some of the sorry crap so called hacker groups keep feeding the eager public. Also note most of the interface of installer can be clicked on and does something but will install nothing. Mine only browses to sections by your interest but no sneaky surprises. I give links as much as possible and full credit should go to the makers of the great old and new tools within.:-) Notice a little banner on it familiar? 😉 You’ll see. Even got some eggs.

Go here for:

Anonymity and Proxy Tools and Lists


Please don’t hotlink to file direct if you wish to share this link. I will get flooded and won’t see the traffic on counters properly to see how many people might stop by. I’m always lagging my own machine. Feel free to give feedback and suggestions for improvements and additions or subtractions from this tool set. Thanks in advance. My shoutbox on site is the quickest way to reach me. If someone wants something of theirs removed that they made just say so so I can revise it and re-release without it. I don’t wish to step on anyone’s toes or intellectual property rights. I simply like testing other people’s software which I respect. Much is freeware and open source. Well anyways let me know what you think honestly. L8rz…..

– Azag

7 10 2006

@ Azag
Did you mean
All-In-One IP Anonymous Tools.rar

Cause I couldn’t find



9 10 2006

Sorry for delay. I was making some last minute (actually took a while due to the rebuilding and WinRAR packing time) changes to fix and add a few things to the GUI so there was a delay on posting it up.
It is there now and should appear right
above All-in-One IP Anonymous Tools.rar which isn’t mine.

See the ‘NEW’ Tag highlighted in front of it.
It should appear something like this.

[NEW] AIO.Anonymous.Stealth.Mega.Proxy.Pack.2006.rar 135.60 MB 10/7/2006 9:31:34 AM

Basically everything is clickable. Click text in center for main theme music for instance. Tell me if it works as I can’t hear nothing with faulty sound card. 😉 I did a diagnostic and no errors in test but still would like to know it does sound parts as intended. Realize that it is pretty big and will take you some time to download. I may upload this to a faster sharing service as an alternate link since it is in itself a disgusting blatant self promo for the site in part. This thing is big because it has more goodies in it than my entire section on Anonymity and Proxy Tools and Lists – 3 times more approximately and much of it is new material and stuff never included on my site before with a few tutorials, links, an easy to find easter egg throw in for fun, as I mentioned before I think. See separate MSDS folder in archive for virus scan “safety” reports. There is about 160 apps not counting links! I dare someone to out do that hehe. 😉 I spent about 2 months on and off collecting, testing, and scanning stuff. Feel free to make comments and suggestions for further improvements. I probably should have categorized the tools somehow but I simply ran out of steam and was anxious to finally release this. I will probably make a v2.0 if I have time. I won’t have to rebuild from scratch since now I somewhat got a feel for the builder tool that I made this with. Be brutally honest if you or anyone else thinks it sucks, hopefully not though. 😛 L8rz…

– Azag

15 06 2012

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