Terrell Owens (aka T.O.) Tries to Commit Suicide (Please get help T.O.)

27 09 2006

Football Star Reportedly Tries to Commit Suicide – New York Times

Damn, I knew something else was going on with him.  Nobody pulls those kind of stunts without having some serious self esteem issues coupled with depression.  I’m guessing he tried to cover his issues with all the shenanigans.

NYT Excerpt:

Star wide receiver Terrell Owens of the Dallas Cowboys apparently attempted to commit suicide Tuesday evening, according to Dallas police.

Lt. Rick Watson, a spokesman for the police department, said police were called to Owens’ residence shortly before 8 p.m. Central Time by paramedics who were already there treating him. He said no criminal activity took place and there was no police investigation under way.

He declined to provide further details, but a police report posted online by WFAA television in Dallas said Owens was “attempting suicide by prescription pain medication.” The medication was apparently to treat the pain of broken bone in his right hand suffered in a game on Sept. 17 against the Washington Redskins.

According to the report, Owens told police that he was depressed in an interview at Baylor Hospital, where he was taken for treatment. A woman companion said she noticed him putting two of the pain pills in his mouth and attempted to remove them.

Then she noticed that the bottle of 40 pills was empty, even though Owens had taken only five of the pills since the prescription was filled on Sept 18.

When police asked Owens if he had taken the remainder of the pills, he responded, “yes.” Asked if he was attempting to harm himself, he again said, “yes.”

The police report said Owens was treated at the hospital for a drug overdose.

Many cultures in America still have a large stigma attached to seeking psychological help.  This is a big problem, because many assume that because you see a psychiatrist or psychologist, that you must be crazy. This stigma makes people not want to seek help for problems that we all have had.  Of course Tom Cruise is a dick. He said all that crap about psychology being a “pseudoscience” and then shaming Brook Shields for promoting seeking help for post pardum depression.  How does that help anyone you fucking fuck?  Man I fucking hate Tom Cruise.  Sorry got off topic there.

Everyone needs to realize that chemical imbalances, as well as (relatively) simple behavioral issues that don’t need medication, do exist.  PLEASE know that seeking help via a psychologist or psychiatrist is perfectly fine, normal, cool, whatever you want to call it that is positive.  (In LA, you’re an outlier if you don’t see a shrink!) If you do have an epic mental battle going on in your head, remember, that if we all had cartoon thought balloons above our heads, you’d see that many others have the same problems.  You may not even need medication to help solve whatever issue you might have, you might just need someone to talk to, someone safe that can’t tell anyone what you are thinking, someone that won’t judge you.

I have a crippling anxiety disorder.  I have been dealing with it for 10 years now.  I take Zoloft and Klonapin (and Nexium but that’s for acid reflux).  If I didn’t have the support of friends and family while seeking treatment, I might never have gotten through college, I might not have made it through high school.  I could have wound up with extreme agoraphobia stuck in a bathroom for the rest of my life, terrified of germs and poisons.  Now I live a normal life.  I have a job (a good one too) a girlfriend, who I plan on marrying, and a dog.  I can’t help but feel bad for T.O., because he obviously needs help.  I know that in the testosterone filled world of the NFL, or even just the world of being a young African American, that any sign of weakness is probably immediately pounced on by your peers, but if you NEED help, get help.  You will never regret it.  I hope T.O. finally gets some help.

T.O., if you read this, I’m pulling for you man.  I know what its like to be alone and afraid.  I’m not a real believer in anything (I’m not even a football fan), but I’d pray for you if I did.  Be well man.  Get better, then you can come back to football stardom with your mind at ease.



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27 09 2006

It all makes sense now. All of his antics were just a cry for help. If he can work through this maybe he can begin to realize his potential and become someone who doesn’t need to try to kill himself. I hope he works this out. I’d forgive him for all the crap if he does.

27 09 2006
27 09 2006
27 09 2006

“There was no suicide attempt,” said Owens, who was rushed to the hospital Tuesday night after having an allergic reaction to a combination of his pain medication and nutritional supplements.

Man he really isn’t going to try and get help. I feel for the guy.

BTW – There is no combination of Nutritional Supplements (ie vitamins or OTC herbal remidies) that could cause an “allergic reaction”. Perhaps if one took vicadin (sp?) and Valerian Root one might get a bad interraction, but not an allergic reaction, or maybe he was taking some “other” nutritional supplements wither way, NOT an allegic reaction. Also, allergic reactions lead to anaphalactic shock, or stopping breathing. It sounds like he was breathing fine, he was just “completly out of it”. The last tell is that he said the empty bottle was because all the pills were “in a drawer”. Who takes all their meds out of a bottle and keeps them in a drawer? Unless they were in one of those daily pill seperators…but pain meds are PRN (or take as needed) their not for daily use…hmmm. Doesn’t pass the smell test for me.

27 09 2006

he’s covering it up. isn’t it obvious to everyone that he’s pretty embarrased. why take t.o.’s word over a police report?

15 06 2012

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