The Hacker’s Choice: Index Of hacking Tools (Downloads)

26 09 2006

Its not really an unprotected index file, but an HTML “/root” page.

But its got some cool apps:

- 18-Jan-2005 14:06:11 7k 0xc1f56e10

THC database fingerprinting tools (THCoraver and THCDB2Info) by jc.

- 14-Dec-2004 17:12:41 443k 0x8292571b

Windows tool that checks the remote ssl stack for supported ciphers and version.

- 10-Nov-2004 19:04:44 443k 0x9636a78f

Small commandline SSL proxy for windows useful for pentesting SSL services like HTTPS, SMTPS, LDAPS, POP3S etc.

- THCbindinfo.c 20-Apr-2004 07:32:55 5k 0xe3eb88a7

Tool that grabs the version of ISC bind 8+9 even if the banner has been disguised

- THCsmbgetOS.c 03-May-2004 13:00:46 6k 0x05aff7ed

Tool that identifies the remote OS by using smb port 139

- ciscocrack.c 06-May-2001 15:26:05 2k 0x795a0aa6

Decodes cisco IOS type-7 password hashes (others call this cisco-password-cracker).

- 01-May-2001 19:50:08 2k 0x828a8eda

Convert cutted .c 8.3 format files into proper unix files (you need this to fix you stolen cisco sources :>)

- irc-prolet.bx 21-Jun-2004 17:42:14 3k 0x18366024

A use(less|ful) script for BitchX that supports fake messages, fake dcc requests, fake invitations and randomized ctcp versions.

- 01-May-2001 19:44:35 2k 0xff7c6997

Shows accessible smb-netbios shares on a given ip-range.

- thc_imap_bruter.c 08-Nov-2003 20:42:12 7k 0xcc028176

Very fast and parallized imap (port 143) login brute force tool.

- thc_ssh_crack.c 18-Apr-2004 12:55:50 2k 0x0ba13a73

Simple ssh private key file cracker (brute force)

Sweet start in the learning process especially for those of us that don’t know how to compile C” or .sh files in linux.

Now go out there and be somebody!!!



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