Microsoft Sues The Creator of FairUse4WM!! *download it here* ;P

26 09 2006

Microsoft sues over source code theft: ZDNet Australia: News: Software

Fuckin microsoft:

Microsoft has filed a federal lawsuit against an alleged hacker who broke through its copy protection technology, charging that the mystery developer somehow gained access to its copyrighted source code.For more than a month, the Redmond, Washington, company has been combating a program released online called FairUse4WM, which successfully stripped anticopying guards from songs downloaded through subscription media services such as Napster or Yahoo Music.

Microsoft has released two successive patches aimed at disabling the tool. The first worked — but the hacker, known only by the pseudonym “Viodentia,” quickly found a way around the update, the company alleges. Now the company says this was because the hacker had apparently gained access to copyrighted source code unavailable to previous generations of would-be crackers.

When are you gonna learn?  You can’t beat the hackers.  Its a matter of sheer numbers.  You’re handfull of coders vs our millions (maybe billions) of hackers.  Its like a time memory trade off  only we have unlimeted memory.

You will lose microsoft.

DOWNLOAD LINK FOR FairUse4WM – This is an old post where I have the links to download plus BskyB’s halting of downloads due to the app.

Viodentia I salute you!!



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