“Liberty Rocks” Is The most Republican Right Wing Christian Blog On WordPress

26 09 2006

Liberty Rocks (Find it at – libertyrocks.wordpress.com – I refuse to link it in this post.)

“Liberty Rocks” really is the most “right wing, christian, GOP lacky” blog on wordpress. It might as well have an “I heart BUSH” animated Gif in the header. (And yes I mean “Right Wing Christian GOP Freak” in a bad way.)

Every story posted is meant to scare you into submission. Intellectuals call that the “Politics of fear”, I call it playing dirty and preying on the weak. Its no different than predatory lending (check into cash anyone?).

Prove me wrong. Find another wordpress blog that drips with more grease of Bush Administration propaganda than “Liberty Rocks”.

Read the blog though, including the prayers, you’ll see why there were so many people willing to vote for Bush in ’04.

As Thomas Jefferson once said, “I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.”

Freedom isn’t so free anymore is it? That’s because of people like (i won’t post a name) and blogs like “Liberty Rocks”.

L8s M8s

Save America in 2008, or just go ahead an impeach Bush now, whichever comes first.



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27 09 2006

Yeah, this blog in question makes a point of including prayers for all the innocent victims of terror, but fails to even think about American terror. What about all the innocent Iraqi women and children that have been maimed or killed as a direct result of our military action on that country? Where are the prayers for those people? If this blog had any integrety, it would include those people too. I guess that would ruin the whole point of the blog which is supposed to suggest that everything the U.S. military is just and right and every decision W makes is benevolent. Besides, those Iraqis are non-christian so they don’t deserve to live, right? pitiful

27 09 2006
1 10 2006

I think this link may work. Read Satan’s Letter from Mark Twain’s Letters From the Earth c.1909.

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