26 09 2006


I watched the game last night and I was surprised by the cheering. I’ll have to check the DVR to see if I can gauge fan reaction visually vs aurally.

Davefromqueens says:

As a person who dabbled with sportscasting in college, I operated under the impression that my job was sports not politics. Sports were sports and you leave your politics off the air It’s a very simple standard. If I want to watch football for three hours, give me football. Unfortunately, ESPN has continuously violated this concept. If ESPN is going to play phony tapes for politicians, then they need to be pressured off the air.For several years, ESPN has been manufacturing fake cheers and fake boos for politicians. It’s a very simple rule. If you are a Democrat not named Joe Lieberman, ESPN will play a tape of boos previously recorded and insert them into the audio after the Democrat is announced. If you are a Republican and ESPN is expecting boos, ESPN will play a pre-recorded tape of cheers unrelated to the Republican.

It started with right winger Mike Tirico announcing George Bush Sr. to the crowd.  Instantaneously  you could hear an echo of cheers and not a single boo from the audio.  But if you listen carefully to the audio, that audio was not live.  ESPN shut off the sound of the Superdome crowd for a few seconds and played this audio of fake cheers.  About ten seconds later ESPN had to shut their fake tape off and go to the NFL official on the field for the coin toss.  That’s when you could hear the REAL crowd noise.  The audio on the field was a couple of hundred feet away so ESPN was probably thinking that crowd noise could not be picked up.  ESPN was wrong.

As George Bush Sr. was flipping the coin, you could hear a chorus of boos so loud that ESPN had its proverbial hand caught in the cookie jar.  And remember, this was ten seconds after the announcements so imagine what the initial boos sounded like.  New Orleans residents know better than anyone else how Bush 43 responded to Katrina and they know better than anyone else about Barbara Bush’s comments about poor people and how sleeping in the Astrodome was “working out quite well for them.”

ESPN needs to be called on the carpet for these shenanigans.

What in the holy hell? Disney owned ESPN is a right wing republican ass kissing bunch of maggots??!?!? (how’d that “m” get in there?)

Who knew? ;P

Stay tuned for video of this crap.

Who’s idea was it to have Bush number 1 be there anyway?  What a fuckup!!



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26 09 2006

ain’t that a kick in the balls!

26 09 2006

please find that video…it’s as priceless as ashlee simpson being boo’d at the orange bowl!

26 09 2006

That’s awesome…I wonder if that’s why Obermann left ESPN? 🙂

27 09 2006

I’m working on getting the video, but it ain’t easy.

27 09 2006

I was listening to the Randi Rhoades show yesterday and this dude calls in to say that he watching the game in Dolby 5.1 surround sound. When Bush was announced, he noticed his 5.1 speakers cut out. All the sound was cheering; no boos at all. Then after the coin toss, his 5.1 kicked in and he heard the boos. So very wrong.

Who the hell decided to have him there for this event anyway? Wasn’t he on a fishing trip with W while people were drowning to death in N.O.? Why in the world would he be asked to ever come down there again?

Fuck ESPN, Fuck ABC, Fuck Disney. Pathetic. What is this: Russia?

27 09 2006

I fucking knew it!! I have the video now. I need to encode it and get it on grouper.

30 09 2006
big dave from queens

Thank you SO very much for getting the video. The proof speaks for itself.

1 10 2006

@ big dave
my pleasure

the video is here though

Wasn’t easy but I feel like I did something worthwhile.

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